50’s – A Time of Confidence and Hope or Depression and Fear?

By on January 22, 2015
50's a time of confidence or fear

By Maryann Ehmann –

Turning 50 was not my most favorite birthday. Even the lavish surprise party my family threw did not save me from my slump. Increasing aches and pains, unusual insecurity, and a heightened sense of guilt dominated my thinking. Worry was at an all time high. Hope for the future? Energy? What was that?

With all my skills and accomplishments, strong faith in God, and wonderful marriage and family, how did I get here?

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I was depressed.

Little did I know a cataclysmic shift in my thinking and my body would begin to take place. A shift I didn’t know about, let alone embrace at the time, but one that would bring me from depression to elation, sickness to health, limited thinking to infinite possibilities.

If I had known this was going to happen, I could have relaxed and enjoyed the ride…. a ride that would carry me into a life of adventure, excitement, and the fulfillment of dreams I didn’t even know I had.

What caused this marvelous shift?

Very simply, I discovered me. I began to embrace this really, cool masterpiece God created. And without working at it, I discovered the power of our mindset and how to develop one that works FOR me, rather than AGAINST me.

If you would like to be saved of undue stress associated with this phase of life, here are some tips that will help:

1. Discover and embrace your magnificence. God sees it. You can ask Him to reveal it.

2. Grab a hold of the favor of God. It changes your mindset like nothing else.

3. Get rid of the guilt, no matter what it takes. It’s time to be done.

4. Identify any resistance to your inestimable worth. Those internal voices that speak 24/7? Lies. Give them the boot and develop a new habit of thinking.

5. Discover your passion, purpose and power. Dare to dream. No, it is not too late for that… in fact, the timing is perfect.

6. Commit to have fun. Dance in your kitchen. Have adventures. Explore and experiment.

7. Speak truth about yourself daily. There’s nothing honorable about self-abasement.

8. Make time with God a priority. Listen to His reinforcing, reassuring voice. Listen. No matter how old we get, a girl’s just gotta have fun! Embrace the 50’s!

Maryann Ehmann is now a celebrated author, speaker, and expert on transforming lives, all of which began in her 50’s! For more information you visit her at her website at: http://www.haveievertoldyou.com/

About Maryann Ehmann

Maryann lives in western New York with her husband Gene who is a private investigator, pastor and author. She loves to cook and travel and enjoy time with her family and friends. She has four incredible children, two of whom she home schooled, and eight delightful grandchildren. For More Information You Can Visit Her Website At: http://www.haveievertoldyou.com/.


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50’s – A Time of Confidence and Hope or Depression and Fear?