Advice for Women Over 50 Career Comeback

By on March 9, 2020

We all have our own unique path to take and life to live. Although the more stories that you listen to, there are certain common threads that ring true. One of the common stories and life experiences that women over 50 share is their career. Many women over 50 had their careers interrupted by raising their children.

Passionate about having a new purpose in their lives, women over 50 are prime for a career comeback. If you have applied your skills and passion towards raising successful and community contributing children, you may be caught off guard about re-joining the workforce. Bringing the same passion for your new workplace will have your new employer very excited. Here are some points to consider as you take on the business world.

Don’t fear your resume

Many women and men that re-enter the job market are always worried about the question that they know is coming. The person conducting the interview is going to ask about the “gap years”. Be ready for the question, know what you will answer and do not be embarrassed. Be proud that you have had a role outside of the traditional corporate world. After all, you raised and managed to keep your children alive! That is quite the accomplishment.

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Focus on real life

You are not the first person to enter the job market after time off. Focus on how you have grown as a person. What skills did you learn in managing your family’s schedule? Having had more time to develop as a person, you possibly know now better than before what really drives you. Remind your prospective employer of your work ethic that gets the job done!

Speak to industry experts

If you have developed a liking for a new career path, get in front of people that work in the industry. Ask questions and begin to understand the industry and job responsibilities. Perhaps you will find yourself too restricted by the new career choice. From the outside, it may look like a great career. In the thick of the day-to-day operations, you may be confined and not happy.

Start networking

Getting a new job is like starting a new company. People need to know you and know that you are looking for a new job. Before you get too bogged down and in a job’s daily responsibilities, network.  Meet with other people in the industry or who use the services of the companies you are looking to work for. You never know how they can help you in your job search and as connections in the future.

Train new skills

If you are in a financial position that you can work with zero pay for a couple of months, ask for an internship. Many companies can be wary about employing new staff and may not have a need at the given time. Working at no cost to the company for a specific period of time, you are not committing yourself to the company. You can transfer your new skills and experience to other employers looking for the skillset that you now have too.

As women over 50 looking for a new job, it sure can be intimidating. Flip the task on its head and take on the new challenge. There are many new opportunities and jobs that can offer you years of satisfaction.

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Advice for Women Over 50 Career Comeback