7 Ideas for How to Renovate Your Bathroom

By on February 22, 2019

Home renovation can be both an exciting and overwhelming affair. Now that you have the time, funds, and the services of a contractor, where should you start? What are the motions to go through in order to fully transform your home?

Some key areas of concentration would likely be the kitchen, garage, living area, or master’s bedroom. But don’t forget to afford special attention to the part of the house that everyone sees as a safe haven: the bathroom.  Aim to refurbish your bathroom in order to improve the hygiene, safety, and comfort of everyone who’ll be using it, be it the house’s residents or the occasional house guest.

If you’re pressed for ideas on what to improve, here’s a quick list of suggestions to get you started!

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  • Tiles. When it comes to installing a new set of tiles in your bathroom, aim for two things: aesthetics and function. Get new tiles which are textured and pleasing to the eye, but also easy for you to keep clean. It’s also a good idea to explore non-slip varieties, like lined tines, especially if you have very young children or elderly residents in your house. 
    1. Towel racks. Ask your contractor to securely bolt a towel rack into the most space-efficient spots on the wall. This is so that you have easy access and storage of your towels. Also consider renovation time to be a golden opportunity to stock up on premium microfiber towels that will keep each house guest dry and comfortable. 
  • Lighting. Lighting is also a key fixture of bathrooms. The right lighting system can open up the bathroom and make it seem more spacious and cheery. Conversely, dim and inefficient lights could make the space seem dingy and cramped. Consider changing up your bathroom’s lighting system with a skylight or a new lamp—or at least change the bulbs to the stronger, brighter LED variety.  
  • Shower and bath. If you’re looking to do something new about a ho-hum bath area, determine which type is the most efficient for your bathroom and how much space it would take up. Talk to your contractor about the clearances needed on building a new shower or bath. Then, you can get to the fun parts—deciding which showerheads to use, whether to install a glass screen or sliding door, and plotting a niche for your toiletries.  
    1. Sink. If you decide to source construction work for your sink, have your contractor assure you that it will meet all safety requirements prescribed in your local code. Then, decide on the type, material, and location of your bathroom’s sink. You could opt to install a corner sink, a floating sink, or a vessel sink—choose for visual variety and economy of space in your bathroom. 
  • Toilet. Things to reconsider about your toilet are its size, its color, and its flush function. Nowadays, more people are investing in toilets that have high Maximum Performance (MaP) testing scores, as these promise a strong flush, better efficiency with water, and less impact to the environment. Considering pooling into one of these features, as you’d only want the best for this room’s royal “throne.”
  • Shelves and baskets. Your new bathroom would also benefit from the addition of new shelves and baskets where they’ll fit. Install a small shelf or cabinet to store toilet paper, paper napkins, tea lights, magazines, and other odds and ends that see use during bathroom time. You can also leave separate baskets out for laundry and used towels.

Ultimately, renovating your bathroom should be a fun and fulfilling exercise. Don’t hesitate to play around with colors, textures, shapes, and lines. But in all your endeavors to renovate it, you should also make sure to keep your bathroom safe to use, functional, and pleasant for private time!


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7 Ideas for How to Renovate Your Bathroom