7 Hobbies to Consider Having in Retirement

By on May 21, 2021

After waking up and going to work for decades, there’s nothing like entering the season of retirement. It’s an excellent time for people to create their own schedules, soak in the beauty of life and reflect on past experiences. It’s also a time to cherish new experiences. Consider starting new hobbies a part of the experiences you enjoy during your retirement years. If you don’t know where to get started, try one (or a few) of these fantastic options.

  1. Puzzles

Puzzles are creative, fun and keep your brain engaged. If you’ve never done a puzzle before, don’t start with a 500-piece option. Instead, start with a 100-piece puzzle. Once you complete it and a few more like it, you’ll develop techniques to help you complete a puzzle more efficiently. Before long, you’ll be able to put together a 1000-piece puzzle without much effort.

  1. Pilates

Keep your body strong, limber, and engaged with an exercise like Pilates. You’ll burn calories, improve your flexibility and increase your strength. You don’t need a machine to do efficient workouts. As long as you have a floor mat to support your body, you can do Pilates anywhere.

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  1. Reading

There are so many positive benefits to reading. For starters, it improves your imagination and allows you to escape to someone else’s world for a while. It helps you build your vocabulary. Reading is also refreshing because you can learn so much about other people, cultures, and experiences. Try to read at least one or two books each month.

  1. Car Repair

Rather than continue to spend thousands of dollars on car repairs every year, why not learn how to do them yourself? An amateur mechanic working out of their garage can easily change the oil, install a new oil gauge, and do various other aspects of automotive maintenance and repair. Doing so can be an interesting hobby for those who like tinkering with machines and learning how they work. At the same time, it could help save hundreds if not thousands in repair costs.

  1. Teaching

If you’ve always wanted to teach a class on a subject matter you’re good at, consider volunteering your services at a local community center. Whether you teach an instrument, sewing, or golf, it’s a great experience to pass on your lessons to the next generation. It also allows you to actively engage with other people. Interactions with others can help to boost your overall mood and feelings of connection.

  1. Music

Music is therapeutic for the soul. If you’re a singer or instrumentalist, take time to practice your craft. Whether you practice for an hour a day or a few hours throughout the week, practice new pieces of music. As you master them, record yourself for proof of completion. Then, move on to another piece that inspires you. As you practice, be intentional about learning new approaches or methods to your repertoire.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is considered one of the best physical hobbies for anyone to cultivate for a few reasons. Since you’re moving through the water, you don’t have to worry about negatively impacting your joints as it’s a no-impact exercise. You’re also going against the water. This challenges your muscles in a way that strengthens them. Plus, for many people, getting in the water is such a therapeutic experience. In addition to a cardiovascular workout, you’re also enjoying muscle-toning exercise. As you age, moving your body will continue to be necessary. To thrive in retirement, take good care of your body. Swimming is one hobby you won’t regret when you look in the mirror and see a svelte shape.

Life is such a blessing to be treasured. Since you have the opportunity to fully absorb all life has to offer in retirement, make the most of it. Spend time with family members and friends. Make new friends, and continue to make connections. As you do all of those things, make sure you make time for yourself by cultivating a few great hobbies. Hobbies provide a bit of spice to life.

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7 Hobbies to Consider Having in Retirement