6 Ways to Make Extra Money After Retirement

Extra Money

Just because you’ve finished your career and decided to enjoy the pleasures of retirement doesn’t mean that you’re finished with making a little extra money. Retirement is the perfect opportunity to develop a new interest or hobby and make money from it while doing so. 

Here are some ideas for extra ways you can top up your savings during your retirement.

  • Upcycle Furniture 

If you have a passion for being creative and enjoy scouting out old vintage furniture or second-hand shops in your retirement, you could turn this to your advantage by upcycling old pieces and selling them for a profit. Furniture-lovers enjoy finding unique, homemade items that they can’t get anywhere else, so if you have a knack for giving new life to old pieces, this could be a great money-maker for you. 

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  • Work on Old Cars 

Perhaps you’ve always enjoyed tinkering with old cars or want to make more use of the mechanic in you; either way, refurbishing old cars can make you a reasonable turnover if you know what you’re doing. Research profitable new features such as a boost gauge or LED headlights and see where your car journey takes you. 

Alternatively, consider selling old car parts for a profit if you have a collection of old vehicles in the family or an old motor which is just taking up space in your garage. 

  • Rent Out Your Space 

The evolution of online sites that allow people to find accommodation has opened up new opportunities for those looking to rent out their own spaces. You may have a spare room or two which isn’t being used, meaning it could be the perfect rental spot for holidaymakers looking for a place to stay. You can set your own hosting terms and rules, or even rent out your entire home. 

  • Consider Freelance Work 

You may have a lifetime of experience in a particular area, or a knack for a certain skill, which you can pass on through the means of freelance work. Working on a freelance basis means you can take on as little work as you like, without the pressures of a mainstream career, and can stop at any time. You could consider options such as online tutoring or blog writing, all of which can be done comfortably from your home. 

  • Sell Items on eBay

By retirement age, it’s safe to say you may have accumulated a lot of possessions over the years. Or, you could still have many old items belonging to family members who have now moved out. Selling items on eBay is a great way to make a little extra cash, as well as the perfect opportunity to declutter your home and get rid of any items which aren’t needed.

  • Try Pet Sitting 

If you’re a natural animal lover, you could turn this into a viable money-making venture. Pet sitting is a great opportunity to spend time with animals and also keep active in your retirement by taking dogs on a walk, for example. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people.


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6 Ways to Make Extra Money After Retirement
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