50th Anniversary Gifts that Say I Love You

By on October 9, 2015
great 50th anniversary ideas

50 years of togetherness is a beautiful occasion for any couple. It is the celebration of a lifetime, of the love and companionship of two people who have persevered to celebrate a monumental celebration. Few couples are blessed to reach this stage of their life and marriage. Such a glorious occasion deserves to be celebrated. It is also the time to tell your spouse how wonderful the journey has been and make him feel loved and special. Below are some great suggestions for that special anniversary gift that represents your love and this special celebration.

Personalized commitment band

Remember the time he proposed to you? The love that comes with the giving of the ring. Relive and rekindle those priceless ‘will you marry me’ moments once again by proposing to him with a personalized commitment band.

You can have your spouse’s name and your wedding date inscribed on the ring. A gold or platinum commitment ring is a great way to show him how much you love him. It is your way of telling him, you are committed to him forever.

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Collection of all his favorite things

Just think how happy he would be to receive his favorite things on this special day. Collect some of his favorite things and make up a basket for your anniversary. The must-haves would include a classic watch perhaps, like a Rolex. Include his favorite cologne, snack food, items that he won’t let you usually splurge on.

There is nothing that will him look great for this special celebration than tailored suits. Buy a couple of these suave suits in grays, blacks, and blue from a reputed store or an online portal that gives you customized service. A fine silk tie and a pair of chic Oxfords will tie your gift collection together. Get him to sport all the gear on D-day, and ladies, watch your man turn into your very own Sean Connery.

Timeless memories encased

First date, first home, the I do, the arrival of the kids, the dancing in the rain, the snuggling in the cold, the Christmases, the birthdays- let your gift to him be an ode to the golden moments and time you both have spent together. A sincere and personal love letter is a wonderful option to consider.

Remember when frames are also a beautiful way of compiling and expressing the golden moments shared between both of you, or the myriad wonderful things he has done for you in these 50 years.

A collage photo frame of candid pictures of your past days and the present is also a heartwarming gift. Choose pictures that tell the story of your life, love, and marriage. 

A personalized photo album or book containing the craziness of your youth, the passion of your love, the wedding, the struggles you both faced, the honeymoon, the coming of the kids, the joy of becoming parents and grandparents will also make a great 50th anniversary present for your dear old man. For the perfect photo book or album, you will want to send your photos to a trusted lab like Andoramapix, known for its superior quality of prints. 

These personalized gifts will be his prized possessions and an eternal reminder of the great love you both share.

Golf and games

If you have spent 50 years attending baseball matches and golf tournaments with your sports addict husband, you probably already know what will make him a really happy man on your 50th Anniversary. Gift him a sophisticated and exclusive golf equipment set that contains everything he ever dreamt of having. Even if he already owns these, gift him a higher and more exclusive version of the Golf kit that he can proudly flaunt before his golf buddies. Don’t forget to add some super-stylish apparel and golfer accessories.

Gifting him tickets to his favorite baseball and basketball games are also going to make him very happy, and you, his hero for a fortnight at least.

We know that men will be men. Whether they are 5 or 50, their love for video games is eternal. Give him a surprise gift this golden anniversary in the form of a Nintendo 3DS or an Xbox and watch the little player in him come out. After all, innocence, childlike friendship, and sweet surprises are always an inevitable part of a successful marriage right?

Toast to your marriage

What better way to commemorate this glorious occasion than with a bottle of the finest champagne. If you are married to a posh, sophisticated kind of man who enjoys the little joys of life, gift him an expensive wine or champagne bottle, and a few books by his favorite writer. If you like cooking, both of you can spend a beautiful and relaxed afternoon sitting on the porch sipping your favorite wine and eating his favorite food, while recollecting and looking back fondly at the years gone by.

A quiet evening spent with his favorite book and beautiful wife will also be a charming gift for him.

A dinner to remember

Finally, you could always take him to a romantic candle-light dinner at a place that both of you hold very special. Arrange for all of his favorite food and customize the music in the background to songs that express your feelings for him. He will be extremely touched by the gesture and you may even leave him a little blushing. Every couple has an ‘our’ or ‘us’ song. Make sure this is included in the song list that is playing in the background. This will be a romantic gesture he will simply love and adore you for.

Here are our recommendations for golden jubilee anniversary gifts for your golden man. Most of these are extremely personalized and express your deep feelings and emotions for him. However, the greatest gift for him will always be your love and care. So keep loving him and having a wonderful marriage.

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50th Anniversary Gifts that Say I Love You