5 Types of Household Essentials

By on February 5, 2020

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new property or you’re a long-term homeowner, there are certain necessities that we can’t live without. Keeping your home running smoothly and efficiently is important, so here are five types of household essentials that you will need to purchase for your property.

Furniture & Appliances

Sofas, chairs, and a kitchen table are regarded as household essentials. Other necessities include bookshelves, dresser drawers, as well as floor lamps and light bulbs. Kitchen appliances such as a refrigerator and stove are regarded as essentials too, as their main use is to cook and store food. Other common household appliances such as microwave, television, dishwasher, and computer are not classed as necessities, however, they tend to be found in most homes.


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Clean Running Water

Whether it’s to drink, cook with, or bathe in, every household needs to have clean running water that’s safe to use. If you’ve just moved into a new home, or you have noticed a difference in the purity of your water, you may want to consider looking for a reliable water softener Los Angeles to ensure you have access to clean drinking water. Hard water can be highly damaging to your health, so getting expert help is advised.


When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, every home needs to have suitable bedding to provide maximum comfort. Bedding should include comforters, blankets, and sheets, as well as pillows and pillowcases. Getting a good night’s rest is essential for our mental and physical wellbeing, so make sure that you invest in a bedding that’s comfortable, cool and relaxing, helping to aid better sleep.


We all want to feel proud of our homes, so keeping your property in tip-top condition should be your number one priority. To keep your home clean and tidy, you will need to purchase essentials such as a broom and vacuum cleaner. In addition, you can purchase scrub brushes, sponges, and paper towels. To keep floors clean, a mop and mopping bucket is required. Also, for those who want to make their homes greener, you may want to use natural cleaning products such as vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

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Personal Hygiene

It’s important that you look after your personal hygiene, so purchasing necessities such as toilet paper, deodorant, and the soap should be on your grocery checklist. Other items such as shampoo, conditioner, and razors are commonly found in most households, but what about personalized bath and body products? Looking after your oral hygiene is crucial too, so you will need to purchase toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, as well as dental floss. To ensure everyone is safe in your home, you should have a first aid box that is filled with bandages and other first aid items.

Whether you live on your own, with pals, or as a family unit, there is a range of essentials that many of us can’t live without. The three basic human needs are food, water, and shelter, so it’s important that you make sure you have the right household necessities to live a good quality of life. In addition, there are various household essentials that you can purchase that will provide safety and comfort.

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5 Types of Household Essentials