5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

By on May 20, 2019

The kitchen is normally seen as the hub of your home, space where you prepare food, eat meals, and gather as a family. Then, when renovating your kitchen, there are a few important aspects that you need to take into consideration to ensure that you are able to get the most potential out of your existing kitchen.

  • Potential Storage Areas

From food to food preparation equipment, there is never-ending streaming of items and perishables that most families would like to store within their kitchen. From that waffle maker, you haven’t touched all year to your prized china (only used on special occasions), maximum storage is needed to ensure that your kitchen is tidy and organized. To ensure that you have enough potential storage areas, you should ensure that you focus on designing a layout that ensures that you can install many kitchen cupboards, or even an island with storage, around its edges. You can also maximize storage by having over-the-cooker cupboards and by having a spacious fridge. Goedeker’s side by side refrigerators is perfect for families with a lot of food to store as they combine style with space, whilst also looking neat.

  • Maximizing Available Space

It is also important to maximize the space available to you to ensure that you are able to have the room that you need for both food preparation and as a family hub. You can maximize available space by installing furnitures such as a kitchen island, which can double up as both food preparation surface and dining table, and by installing as many work surfaces as possible to ensure that you have space to cook. Not only this but you should also aim to paint your kitchen in bright colors as this will make space look larger than it truly is.

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  • Existing Layout

You also need to consider the existing layout of your kitchen. Not only will renovating inside of the existing layout reduce the cost of your designs, but it will also ensure that all of the wiring and practical elements are in the correct places. This will lessen the disruption that the renovation will cause and also ensure that you do not have to pay for multiple workpeople to perform tasks such as electrics and plumbing.

  • Your Budget

You also need to consider your kitchen remodel budget as this will have a great impact on the changes that you can afford to make. Kitchen renovations can have large price brackets, especially if you are changing equipment and redesigning your existing space, and so you should find ways to reduce this. For instance, you should only consider changing the essentials at first, such as old equipment like fridges, or stagger your renovations over time.

  • Your Kitchen’s Style

You also need to consider the style of your kitchen and ensure that it matches that of your home and the building in which you live. For instance, if your home is an older build, you may consider attractive styles such as shabby chic and cottage or farmhouse styles which can encapsulate the heritage of your house and keep in line with the designs of the rest of your rooms. You can get style inspiration from online resources and redecoration magazines which can help you to envision the type of kitchen you may be looking for.



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5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen