5 Style Must Haves for Women Entrepreneurs

By on September 15, 2011

By Tamika Martell, A-line Style Services –

As an entrepreneur, your appearance is extremely vital in leaving a great impression. It is the first thing people notice and everyone is a potential client or knows someone that can be your next client. For me, being both an entrepeneur and a wardrobe consultant, appearance is not only my brand, but a walking advertisement of my services. Here are the wardrobe necessities that every entrepreneur needs to assist in molding your brand, leaving a positive lasting impression, while still allowing you to spend the bulk of your money investing in your business.

1 – The Power Suit – The overwhelming importance of the power suit lies in both quality and fit  – period. Utilize an in-store tailor or find a great tailor in the area where you work/play or reside so they are easily accessible. If you are in a creative industry such as fashion, marketing, or public relations, I suggest going outside of the box in terms of your accessorizing your power suit by utilizing statement accessories, colors, and textures.

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I suggest adding a bold colored bag, statement piece of jewelry and a neutral-hued pump. Get more wear out of your suit’s blazer by adding it with trouser jeans or a floral print skirt to a casual meeting. Since many of us entreprenurs are on strict budgets, check out Macy’s, Filene’s Basement or Overstock.com for some great designer suit sales throughout the year.

Sarah Jessica Parker-Wearing Stells McCartney Lace Dress-Blazer

Sarah Jessica Parker-Wearing Stells McCartney Lace Dress-Blazer

2 – The ‘Afternoon Business Meeting to an Evening Networking Event’ Look – As an entrepreneur, your schedule is always hectic and you are always on the move. This look is vital and actually should be the majority of your wardrobe. Make your wardrobe into a day-to-night arsonal by only purchasing items that you can wear with at least 3 other items in your closet. Transition your afternoon daytime meeting look of a knee-length sheath dress and flats into the evening by adding a high heel & cropped blazer to create a more structured, powerful look. Roll up the sleeves of the blazer and a bold cocktail ring to add instant cool to your look. Take a que from Sarah Jessica Parker by transcending a feminine lace dress and creamy blazer into the evening by adding layered necklaces, a bold bracelet, and high heels.

Aerosoles Women's shoe


3 – A Comfy Yet Stylish Shoe – Being the sole ingredient of your success with your business, you are running all over town for meetings, networking events, and to service your clients. Without having the foresight to plan for your busy day, by 2 pm your feet are about to explode out of your heels. These are the days when I plan to wear flats or a comfy wedge while I am pulling wardrobe for clients and put my “power heels” in the trunk for the evening events or important meetings. For a variety of clients, I have suggested Aerosoles to them and they have loved them because they offer supportive, comfortable shoes that still have stylish options, like these.

4 – Something That Brands You – This is something that evey time someone sees you out at an event or on television, you are wearing it.

Gwen Stephani

This can be fabulous high heels (especially if you are in fashion industry) or a specific shade of lipstick (think how Gwen Stephani is known for red lipstick and platinum blonde hair). Sally Jessie Rafael branded herself with her red framed eyeglasses. Make sure whatever it is that you choose, it is not too trendy – otherwise you will risk being branded as out-of-date.

5 – A Great Timepiece – In the times of Ipad, Ipods, Iphones, and other gadgets, the simple yet stylish watch is still a style must-have for entrepreneurs. A watch shows people that your time matters. This watch from Armitron is a stylish & affordable option (this one is under $40 on Amazon.com). It also goes from day to night without a second thought.


Tamika Maria Martell : A-line Style Services, Wardrobe Coach / Personal Shopper As seen on “The Rachael Ray Show” & More, Executive Director, Dangerous Curves Ahead Charity Fashion Show & Women’s Expo. Her Website:  http://www.alinechicago.com/ and Twitter: @alinestylesvcs.

About Tamika Maria Martell

Tamika Maria Martell : A-line Style Services, Wardrobe Coach / Personal Shopper As seen on "The Rachael Ray Show" & More, Executive Director, Dangerous Curves Ahead Charity Fashion Show & Women's Expo. Her Website: www.alinechicago.com and Twitter: @alinestylesvcs (http://twitter.com/#!/ALineStyleSvcs).

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5 Style Must Haves for Women Entrepreneurs