5 Practical Things To Take Care Of After Divorce

By on May 27, 2019

Sometimes when a divorce happens you are either relieved, shocked or perhaps a mixture of the two. But no matter what the circumstances are there will be quite a few practical considerations you will need to take care of and be sure to give them the proper attention as soon as possible.

Who Stays In The House

You will have shared a home for many years now and it’s natural that both of you will have emotional ties to the property. You may be sitting in the situation where there is a disagreement on who gets the house and your claim may be stronger if you need to look after the children and need the space and continuity for them. If you do this then you will need to agree if you are buying the other partner out or paying rent for their half. It’s also possible that the negative memories are too much for both of you and you choose to sell the house following the divorce then you can do this fairly easily so long as you agree on the value.

Make Sure You Have Any Treasured Possessions

If you are the one who leaves the marital home then it’s easy to leave in a hurry, especially if the marriage ended on a sour note. But it is important to make sure any treasured possessions are taken as over the years we all pack things away in boxes and in drawers or the loft and it’s easy to not think of them until months or even years later when you might find it too late to retrieve them.

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Check If You Need To Take Out Any New Policies

One thing that you may not consider is that some or all of your financial commitments may need updating from simple things such as changing your address to making sure that you have the correct life insurance, you may not want your ex being the beneficiary of your policy and it’s easy to compare life insurance` online if you need a new policy.

Figure Out Where Your Income Will Come From

You will be used to living as a joint income household and you will need to be mindful of how this will affect you post-divorce. You might need to do a household income and expenditure checklist and check if you can afford your current lifestyle as a single person and, if necessary, make adjustments if there is a shortfall.

Custody & Schedule For The Kids

You will need to determine what custody arrangements are made for your kids and unless you go for 50-50 in terms of custody and a visitation schedule sorted for the other parent. You will need to ensure that they can get to school and be picked up around both your schedules and how to divide their toys and possessions between the two houses, even what happens to the family pets and who should look after them.


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5 Practical Things To Take Care Of After Divorce