What Are the 5 Most Important Home Adaptations for Seniors?

By on December 6, 2019
Home adaptions

As an individual age, the lifestyle they lived and the home they lived in might not be safe for them. Some home adaptions may be required for you as you age! Independence is very important for women over 50. Safety becomes an issue and familiar places like the bathroom can become a danger zone for someone who is weak or unsteady on their feet. For an elderly couple or an individual who lives alone, safety from intruders or undesirables preying on the elderly is a concern for the family.

Many seniors try to hang onto their family home they raised their children in. Although this is noble, it can develop into a financial burden and an overwhelming task to maintain. When this type of situation develops, they can find help from mcknightplace.com. A safe and comfortable place to live allows an elderly individual to age gracefully.

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Aging In Place

It’s much easier to age in one place than traveling between family member’s homes or trying to remain at home alone. Choosing assisted living permits an individual to age in place and build friendships with other people who are the same age. Loneliness is another thing many elderly individuals face. The inability to get out of their homes to shop or socialize causes this type of situation. In an assisted living facility, there are daily activities to keep an individual busy. This can improve their mood and reduce the chance of depression.

Wider Doorways

Standard doorways can’t accommodate a wheelchair. Wider doorways in a home will allow an individual to remain mobile in a home with a wheelchair or a walker. Widening doorways can be expensive and not in the budget for many elderly individuals. This is a modification that must take place in a home for an individual who uses mobility aids.

Installation Of Ramps

Steps are another barrier an individual will face as they age. One step can create a fall risk for an individual who is unsteady on their feet. The installation of ramps on a step increases mobility for this type of person. Ramps are usually made of wood and allow an individual to use their wheelchair or walker to get from one level to another. There are non-permanent versions of ramps an individual can install in a home.


Bathroom Modifications

A safety concern for the elderly in the bathroom. Using a toilet can lead to the person being unable to get up once they’ve sat down on the toilet. The shower or bath can turn into a slippery danger zone. Grab bars on the wall helps an individual to lift themselves out of the bathtub. In addition, medication can cause dizziness and a bar will help an individual to remain upright if they have a dizzy spell.

Kitchen Modification

The counters in a home can be too high for someone in a wheelchair. Reaching the microwave that is above the stove is impossible for someone in a wheelchair. Kitchen modifications can cost thousands of dollars. This situation will cause additional stress and strain on an individual who is aging.

Remaining in a home is always the best choice for many individuals. When the house becomes an unsafe area for an elderly individual, they should consider an assisted care facility. There is staff available 24 hours a day. If there’s an emergency, someone will be available to help. This takes a lot of stress off a patient and the family.


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What Are the 5 Most Important Home Adaptations for Seniors?