5 Golden Rules To Remember On Your European Travel Adventure

By on March 15, 2019
European travel

The diverse nature of the European continent pertaining to its history, culture and cuisine is interesting to explore. Planning a trip across Europe is an effortless job as there are several agencies available that will help you chalk out a tour plan according to your interests. Your Europe tour operator might take you across the Iberian Peninsula and Central Europe to cash in the best of the experiences. However, it is essential to remember certain golden rules while visiting a foreign country for a trip to be successful.

1. Learn a few phrases of the local language

Whether you are planning to visit France or Germany, a few local phrases are going to help you get all the answers to your questions. Remember to greet the shop owners, waiters, operators and strangers before bombarding them with your doubts and questions. Each country of Europe has its own set of body language etiquette. Be mindful of those. Basic phrases such as ‘please’, ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ are extremely appreciated.

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2. Follow the dress code

Although Europe is developed and cosmopolitan, certain places such as the Vatican City and other religious venues across the continent follow a strict dress code to allow entrance to the Basilicas and churches. Apart from the religious restrictions, roaming the streets of Europe in track pants and flip flops is highly frowned upon, especially in France and Italy.

3.Refrain from commenting on Europe’s controversial pasts

Certain countries of Europe, especially Germany and the Czech Republic are sensitive when it comes to their history. Although you might be curious about the Holocaust and the communism days of Europe, do not get into discussions with the locals about their controversial past. If you have any personal opinions about the unfortunate events, keep them to yourselves.

4.Do not rely entirely on your International credit card

If you think it is easier to just carry around the credit card for every purchase you make across the continent, you are wrong. Cash transactions, especially with the right amount of change is expected all across restaurants, train stations and local shops. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere. Moreover, the currency changes from one country to another in Europe. One should always head to the currency exchange stores after entering another country or simply draw the required amount from the ATM for a marginal price.

5.Beware of pickpockets

Irrespective of which country you travel to in Europe, beware of pickpockets, especially around the busy tourist attractions and metro. Pickpockets are a common problem in Europe and one should be careful about their personal belongings such as phone, money and passport. Losing your passport might land you into trouble in Europe and put your plans in jeopardy.

Europe is a tourist-friendly continent that receives billions of tourists every year from all over the world. Remember to blend in with the locals to experience the best of Europe. So, plan your European travel adventure this season keeping these primal points in mind.


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5 Golden Rules To Remember On Your European Travel Adventure