5 Gifts You Can Give Your Husband This Holiday

By on December 16, 2013
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By Alisa DiLorenzo –

‘Tis the season to be trimming the tree, sending out cards, baking cookies, choosing the presents and decking the halls at holiday parties. So many things to do and you often tell yourself “so little time”.

During this time you may pose for the family picture to then scramble to get it out to everyone on the Christmas card list. Hours are spent baking cookies and goodies only to spend as much time delivering them. Your husband is hanging up the lights, situating the tree and adding decorations to the house. You battle for the parking spot at the mall, jump online to find the perfect gifts for everyone on everyones list because “that’s your job”.

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At the end of the day the stockings are hung, the tree is trimmed, the presents are wrapped and then it happens…your husband reaches for you. You think to yourself, “Not now, doesn’t he know what I have done all day? Doesn’t he realize what it takes to make Christmas happen?”

And the truth is this-for most of you, your husband don’t care about all of the decorations, the wrapping, the bows and the lights. What he truly desires for Christmas this year is the two of you to be  fully present, fully committed to one another.

In being “super” wife, mom, employee, business owner-you often lose sight of the fact that it is your relationship with your husband that needs attention instead of the leftovers. There is an expectation that the men in our lives will take whatever we give them and yet, we don’t often give them the best of us.

You are so busy doing for everyone else that this most precious relationship is easily neglected. This holiday season make one decision. Make the decision to become your husband’s most favorite gift.

5 Gifts You Can Give Your Husband This Holiday

  1. Schedule date nights. Whether you have kids at home or are empty nesters, get out and do something together OR stay home and have a romantic night in front of the fire. Make this time a no  electronics time.

  1. Do the little things. If you used to send him cards or write him love notes, surprise him and drop one in his briefcase, under his pillow or on the dash or his car. Sent a quick text message or play a board game together.

  1. Find reasons to let him know how much you appreciate him and what he does for you. Is he a hard worker? A cheerful encourager? Does he always make sure that your car has gas? Does he always open the door for you? Communicate how much he means to you.

  1. Learn to say NO to those things that pull you away from the marriage. You may like to feel needed like me and yet you find yourself overcommitted and stressed. Decide to do those things that add to your relationship and to pull back from those things that pull you away from him.

  1. Take care of yourself. In the hustle and bustle of the holidays it’s easy to lose sleep, not eat well or not find the time to exercise. Choosing to take care of your physical and emotional health, equips you to be the best that you can be. When you bring that best version of yourself to your husband sparks will fly!

Remember that you can create the spirit of Christmas throughout the year as you gift yourself to your husband. Become his very best present everyday and watch your marriage grow.

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5 Gifts You Can Give Your Husband This Holiday