5 Dresses to Update Your Wardrobe

By on September 1, 2011

By Sheila Dicks –

If you don’t have a dress (or dresses) in your wardrobe – then it’s time to shop! I love dresses and although I’m not alone, there are many women who don’t like dresses and wear them only when they must.

From the point-of- view of a dresslover let me tell you some of the advantanges dresses bring to your look and ease of dressing.

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•They are life savers. If you’ve ever been stuck not knowing what to wear and you have dresses in your closet, your problem is easily solved. A dress is easy to slip on and avoids the fuss of what to wear with it.

•They are slimming: There’s nothing like a dress that fits well to glide over your body and make you look 10 pounds slimmer.

•You are dressed up instantly. A dress is a wardrobe item that will make you appear dressed up right away.

Whether or not you have dresses here are some dress suggestions that will make your wardrobe much more functional.


Use color to your advantage and have a couple of dresses in your perfect color that are vibrant. Color is an instant pick-me-up.

woman in bright yellow cocktail dresscolorful organge marilyn monroe style dress

Evening Dress

Always have an evening dress in your closet. Choose one in your best style and color and have matching accessories. You never know when you might be asked to an important event and not have time to shop.

long evening gownblack holiday dress

Summer dresses

A dress not only keeps you cool during the hot summer months it will add pizzazz to your look. Choose flattering styles and colors; and comfy, suitable shoes that look great.

summer dressblack and white summer dress

sheath dressBlack Sheath Dress

The black sheath dress is a must-have for all women. It can be worn under a jacket for a professional look or worn with fabulous jewelry for a totally different look.




casual black long sleve dressCasual Black

A casual long sleeve black dress is a great casual look. Add a jacket and/or accessories to change the look.


Sheila Dicks is a Dating and Style coach and founder of the Fashion Experts Network. She helps women enhance their style and attract more of what they want. You can get her free report “The Most Common Dating Mistakes Women Make” at  http://www.sheiladicks.com/ or perfect your style by joining her membership at  http://www.fashionexpertsnetwork.com/ .

About Shelia Dicks

Sheila is a style and dating coach, the founder of the Fashion Experts Network – an association that helps image professionals build and promote their businesses – and a member of AICI. Sheila is committed to providing men and women with the opportunity to create a winning image, gain more self- confidence and reach their personal and business goals. Sheila began her image career over twenty-five years ago and has training in fashion, beauty and dressmaking. Her curiosity of ‘why people behave the way they do’ and her keen interest in self development stimulated many years of study and lead her to life coaching. She has helped hundreds of men and women transform their wardrobe, their lives and their self-esteem. Her quotes and articles have appeared in Complete Well Being, Home life, The Chronicle Herald, Quilter’s Home Magazine, AOL, The National Enquirer, Family Journal, The Fresno Bee and Fashion Merchandiser e-guide. She is co-author of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life and My Style, My Way.

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5 Dresses to Update Your Wardrobe