4 Wellness Tips for Women Over 50

By on January 14, 2021

While we should always be taking care of our health regardless of our age, things do get a little trickier as we get older and we start to slow down. This means we do have to start putting in a little more effort into our wellness routines and prioritize our health more than we might have had to before.

Long gone are the days where life after 50 equates to tv meals and knitting, and with an abundance of ideas and information available for those who are more mature, there are always more tips to share.

This piece will drop 4 wellness tips for women over 50 to try!

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Hydrate, Hydrate, and Then Hydrate Some More

While staying hydrated is absolutely nothing new to having a significant impact on our health, we are now far more aware of the benefits of hydration and the effects of dehydration. Did you know, your sense of thirst diminishes as you get older? This means as we get older, we are more at risk of becoming dehydrated. So, with that in mind, make sure you are drinking an adequate amount each day. If you cannot rely on your thirst indicators to get you there, then grab yourself a water bottle that shows you how much you have drunk throughout the day!

Get Mindful

Mindfulness has been around for centuries, as well as its benefits. When hearing the word, you might think of a man crossed-legged on a mountain who has not spoken for several years, but more recently it has taken the mainstream media by storm, so everyone can both understand and enjoy it. While mindfulness is great for all ages, as we get older, we can find ourselves dealing with different issues, and mindfulness can help us deal with these

Get Prepared

It is rare to find someone who enjoys thinking about their mortality, but if we are lucky enough to get to old age then it is something we all have to face. Planning for funerals or if illness strikes can definitely take a lot of worries and stress out of our minds and having these plans in place can make the process easier for when the time comes.

For those who are already suffering from ill health, or have a loved one who is, consider finding the best palliative care, such as hospice care by Three Oaks Hospice or quality end of life support so that when the moment comes, you know that anyone will be taken care of right until the end.

Brain Dump

In complete contrast to the expectation that our older years are those of freedom and contentment, it could be that we are faced with more worries and concerns. These can be difficult to deal with at the best of times, let alone when we might be less able or have less energy. Brain dumping is an excellent technique that can work for anyone – all you need to do is write anything and everything that comes to your head to clear your mind and get clarity on what needs to be sorted one at a time. This is also a helpful technique for those who suffer from anxiety, as it helps to pin thoughts down and stop worries floating around in the brain.

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4 Wellness Tips for Women Over 50