4 Lesser Known Side Effects of Pregnancy

By on June 15, 2021

Do you think you are pregnant? Once you confirm with a store-bought test or at a clinic that offers free pregnancy tests in Illinois, it’s not very long before you start to notice changes to your body. Common side effects such as weight gain, breast tenderness, morning sickness, and heartburn are often considered par for the course during this stage in life. However, some other changes you experience may have you wondering just what in the world is going on with your body. Read on to learn more about some of these unique conditions. 

1. Your Skin Experiences Many Different Changes

As your belly grows, it’s not unusual to get stretch marks due to rapid stretching skin. Most people are familiar with these, but there is also a chance a dark line, referred to as “Linea Negra,” may develop from your belly button down to the pubic bone. This is thought to be caused by hormone changes and is harmless. It usually goes away within a few months after delivery. Additionally, some women experience dark patches of skin on their faces, also from temporary hormone changes. Use lotion and stay hydrated to keep your skin soft and moisturized for quicker recovery. 

2. Your Voice Might Change

Surprisingly, you may notice that your voice may become rough, or specific notes may not come out smoothly. Doctors believe this is caused by swelling of your vocal cords due to variations in progesterone and estrogen levels. Some women find that high notes are difficult to reach, whereas others drop low notes. As your hormones return to normal levels after pregnancy, your voice returns to your initial condition. 

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3. Spider Veins Become More Noticeable

Do you notice squiggly blue veins on your legs, breasts or abdomen? These are called spider veins or varicose veins. Since your body has a larger blood volume during pregnancy, sometimes valves in veins become weak and allow blood to flow back into the vein, filling them up. This process makes them more prominent and easier to see under the skin. Though some may disappear after the end of pregnancy, many may stick around for a long time. The best way to prevent these is to keep your blood flowing with exercise and consume plenty of fiber. 

4.  Your Feet May Get Longer

Be prepared to buy new shoes during pregnancy. Hormones cause your joints and ligaments to relax, which causes the arch of your foot to elongate. Your foot may grow up to 10 mm in length if you are among the 70% of women who experience this condition. Not only that, increased blood volume promotes swelling, which makes your feet wider too. Look for shoes with a lot of room around your foot, such as sandals, that you can wear on days that your feet give your problems. If it’s cold out, consider shoes with long laces that you can adjust to fit your feet comfortably. 

Pregnancy is a unique time for women. Your body goes through so many changes. It’s safe to say, expect the unexpected during this glorious time. 

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4 Lesser Known Side Effects of Pregnancy