3 Quick Ways to Go from a Day Look

By on November 25, 2013
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By Wendy Lyn Phillips –

The season of holiday parties is just around the corner. The Christmas festivities, office celebrations, New Year Galas, fundraisers and family get-togethers all require us to be our sparkly best and be confident to smile for the camera, right? But how do you make a stylish transition from day to night during these busy months. With even a little pre planning, you’ll be able to make the transition effortlessly following these tips.

1. Day to Night makeup – Revamp/Enhance your makeup: add shimmer, If bolder smoky eyes, then softer on lips/ use gloss; a nude color can be a great choice. If softer eyes or the addition of a black cat eye liner, then try a bold red lip, it is great for holiday flare. There are all kind of tutorials on Pinterest on how to create the smoky evening glamour eye like the one shown below. Go from sensible to stylish without even having to leave the office. Don’t forget the benefit of using a teeth whitener during this time of year. You want a color, like pink red, that will make your teeth look whiter as opposed to a bordeaux or brown shade that can accentuate the yellowing of your teeth. “Add shimmer on your eyes, get it from your bronzer, or your lips…but not all three.

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holiday pump2. Quick Switch (shoes, jacket, purse) Take your office appropriate attire from day to night by swapping your shoes, jewelry, jacket, and purse. Go from sensible to stylish without even having to leave the office. The first thing to remove is the pantyhose (that is if you still wear them – albeit, they are warm and practical in the winter). Throw your sling-back-sexy-after-five shoes in the car to make a simple swap and leave your pumps in the office. And don’t be afraid to use a little spray tan with shimmer from a bottle for your legs if you need some color.

If your hair is long, putting in an up-do is oh-so-stylish and then you can add a little hair pretty. Having a small go-to purse for the holidays that only needs to hold your lipstick, keys and cell phone is a good investment. I keep mine inside my business “tote” that holds everything I need. This way I just leave the tote in the car and carry the clutch or wristlet to the party.


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David Yurman chandelier earrings3. Accessory Swap – Taking off the business suit jacket with a sheath dress underneath and then adding holiday glitz: the sequined black wrap scarf, animal print, poncho or sequined sweater like the ones shown here. Taking off your everyday, chunky jewelry and going for evening elegant is another way to make the swap right from the front seat of your car…on the way to the p-a-r-t-e-e… The chandelier style earrings are perfect. Add a bling ring or some fun bangle bracelets – fun for the party but I don’t prefer to wear them to work in. Remember that if you are more of an apple, rectangle, pear or petite body shape, you’ll benefit from creating vertical lines ~ a scarf that hangs down the front and creates two separate or one strong bold statement down your torso is a good thing. This is especially good when you wear a solid column of color and use the scarf or multiple strands of necklaces as your vocal point for a pop of color.

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Wendy Lyn is an expert in the beauty industry with 25 years experience. As an entrepreneur for all of her adult life, she understands the value of having a compelling presence for powerful marketing. She’s coached thousands on personal branding and image. She is a speaker and the author of the bestseller, Naked to Knockout™ Beauty from the Inside Out. Visit www.WendyLynOnline.com to receive her free Style Guide.

About Wendy Lyn Phillips

Wendy Lyn is a beauty and image expert with over 25 years experience. As an entrepreneur for all of her adult life, she has coached thousands on the value of a compelling presence, sales, and communication. She is a speaker and the author of the best-selling book, Naked to Knockout; Beauty from the Inside Out. Visit www.NakedtoKnockout.com to find out more.

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3 Quick Ways to Go from a Day Look