2012 Goals for Better Emotional Health & Success!

By on January 1, 2012

By Sandi Thompson –

Here are seven strategies to help you attain your 2012 goals for health and wellness.

1. Work backwards from your goals to where you are RIGHT now. Be honest with yourself. If you know you need to lose 20, 30, 50 pounds start writing down what you’ll need to do to get to that ideal weight. Don’t try to do it all at once. Simply set incremental goals of losing 1-2 pounds a week and know that means making wiser choices, such as healthier selections or reducing calories by 3500-7000 per week. Schedule meals, snacks and exercise so you won’t be caught off guard and wind up making bad choices.

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2. Stop and assess priorities. If you want to lower your blood sugar and quit smoking plus lose weight and, oh yeah, spend more time with your family, then you need to prioritize. Pick one and focus on it. Don’t get distracted from setting up the framework that will help you accomplish your goal. Using the weight loss scenario again, this would mean meal planning, creating a shopping list, actually shopping, putting away the groceries and making the meals. If this seems like a lot and almost overwhelming, get help or delegate.

3. Be single-minded in your desire to succeed. This means setting aside time to do what’s needed by eliminating multi-tasking for a specific time every day until your goal is met. Schedule to check your email only 2-3 times a day; stay off the internet at specific times when you know distraction is the desired outcome; take breaks to walk and think about what you’re trying to accomplish; stay hydrated and eat healthy snacks so you can stay focused.

4. Schedule your distractions. Pick two or three times during the day when you’re going to use your computer for checking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Checking your updates continuously during the day only serves to deaden your resolve to reach your goal – no matter what it is.

5. Stay on task with your smart phone. If your goal is to eat healthier, take a picture of every meal before eating it. Snacks too. At the end of the day you’ll have a record of what your choices were. How can you improve and what was really working for you? Check your pics. This works really well to stay on top of your hydration too.

6. Work on creating success. Don’t let the scale be your only motivation if weight loss is your goal. Notice how you feel: has your mood improved.  What about your skin: do you see improvement? Do your clothes fit better and is your belt a little looser? These are indications that your body composition is changing. If weight loss isn’t your goal then be sure to write a list at the beginning of your journey of expected changes that you’ll see along the way. Check your list and then check in with yourself often to gauge your progress. Remember, these incremental steps are about success and success motivates you to keep going.

7. Work in REWARDS. Celebrate even the smallest successes so that your conscious and unconscious mind knows you are heading in the right direction. This reinforces your ability to keep seeking the best solutions to overcome any obstacles to reaching your goal. Plan your rewards so they make sense in the context of your goal. If weight loss is your goal, don’t celebrate with a burger and beer. Instead try a movie, a basketball game, flowers, jewelry, new running shoes, or a facial. Fit the rewards to the accomplishments along the path to your goal. Soon you’ll be on your way to that long awaited tropical vacation.


Sandi Thompson, NTP is a nutritional therapy practitioner and a certified wellness coach. She primarily works with women over 40 who are sick and tired of feeling very sick and very tired most of the time. Her approach is based on sound science and the art of coaching using a non-judgmental approach. Get help with your weight loss goals. http://solutionthroughnutrition.com/sparklenow. Sandi can be reached through her website http://solutionthroughnutrition.com/contact-sandi.

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2012 Goals for Better Emotional Health & Success!