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    Alcoholism and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

    Substance use disorders can be very destructive not just for the person using drugs, but also for the people around them. Learning about a loved one’s addiction can be overwhelming and put a strain on the relationship....

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    Getting the Help You Need: Can Depression Lead to Substance Abuse?

    Depression and other mental disorders are often linked with substance abuse. In many cases, depression can lead someone into abusing alcohol or drugs because they use the substances to try to escape the depression they’re feeling. When...

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  • Recovery
    How to Support a Partner in Recovery

    People of every age, race, religion and social background can struggle with substance addiction, but recovery is possible with the right support network and professional help. However, rehabilitation requires an ongoing lifestyle change and your partner or...

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  • Substance abuse
    Overcoming an Substance Abuse: What You Should Know About Healing

    When you hear “drug addiction,” the first image you conjure up is likely not of an older man or woman. You may be surprised to learn that substance abuse is an increasing epidemic among adults over the...

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  • How Faith-Based Rehab Can Help You Overcome Addiction

    By Mike Waiton – If you’re an addict or a recovering addict, you’ve probably met plenty of other recovering folks who don’t believe in God, or who aren’t sure if there is a God. Many recovery support...

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