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    Lifestyle Factors Causing Heartburn in Women Over 50

    Warmer weather is here which means backyard BBQs, campfire cookouts, and picnics. If you suffer from frequent heartburn, food-based get-togethers may not be your cup of tea. Before you turn down your invite or spend even more...

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  • Cooking Healthy Food with the Best Pellet Smoker

    Grilled food is often preferred over fried dishes mainly because it uses less oil. It also tends to taste better. However, grilled food is far from ideal. There are ways to make barbecued beef, pork, chicken, seafood,...

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  • weight reducing foods
    Slim-Down Summer Foods

    Summer is a great time to diet because when the mercury rises, your appetite tends to crash. (And of course, seeing yourself in a swimsuit can be all the motivation you need!) Still, at this time of...

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