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    Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Post-Retirement Travels

    Traveling post-retirement is an excellent way to put all those years of hard work to good use. Whether you decide on jetting off to the Maldives, or prefer more of an urban break in a place such...

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  • Retirement
    Making the Most Out of Retirement

    For many of us, the transition from a typically packed work week to retired life can be a dramatic shift in our routine. While we may look forward to not having to worry about any stressors in...

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  • Growing
    As You Age—Stay Young. Here’s How.

    How we view growing old impacts how we age. Researchers report that older adults with a positive view of aging recover from injury and illness faster, drive more safely, eat better, and show stronger brain function, to...

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  • My Husband’s Retired and He’s Driving Me Nuts

    When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband but only half the income. – Chi Chi Rodriguez Finally the day we’ve been working toward arrived. Both of us retired. Ever since I left the workforce ten years...

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  • Living the Dream - Retiring Back Into Music
    Living the Dream – Retiring Back Into Music

    By Saul Rosenthal – My grandfathers both died in their early 50s while my parents retired from their careers in medicine and education when they were 65 and lived about another 25 years.  Last March I celebrated...

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  • Important Things To Consider As You Plan Your Retirement Location
    Important Things To Consider As You Plan Your Retirement Location

    Are you getting close to retiring? Were you planning on making another move to a smaller home or residence? If so, you may have a lot planned for your happy golden years. While traveling and visiting with...

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  • Top Things to Consider When Choosing an Active Adult Community
    Top Things to Consider When Choosing an Active Adult Community

    By John Manrique – With all of the benefits of living in an active adult community, opting for this lifestyle is the easy part. Nailing down the right location, type of community, desired amenities, your priorities and...

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  • Overcoming the Stigma of Senior Living Communities
    Overcoming the Stigma of Senior Living Communities

    By Elliott Hollander – For many people, the words nursing home, assisted living, and senior community trigger images of a dull hospital-like facility with stark white walls, loss of independence, and loneliness. Despite this common perception of...

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  • Plan for Successful Retirement
    Keys to a Successful Retirement Plan

    You’re approaching retirement age. You, your friends, and loved ones are moving toward another great life milestone, and you might be apprehensive of what the future could hold. Like many other activities in life, the key to...

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  • should older adults live in segregated for the young?
    Should Older Americans Live in Places Segregated From the Young?

    By Stephen M Golant, University of Florida – Demographers frequently remind us that the United States is a rapidly aging country. From 2010 to 2040, we expect that the age-65-and-over population will more than double in size, from...

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  • someone checking off retirement planning list
    Retirement Planning: Leave Something for God To Do

    By Sharon V. King – Almost 30 years ago, I relocated to a new city and started looking for a job. I joined a great church and quickly made some sympathetic and supportive friends. They gladly took...

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  • mature couple walking in park in fall
    Planning for a Healthy Retirement

    By Luke Styles – The time has long gone when retirement meant a few years of relative good health before sickness and impaired mobility resulted in spells of time being hospitalized followed by a lengthy period spent...

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