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    2 Great Ways to Rescue Skin, Hair & Nails from Winter’s Wrath

    There’s lots to love about winter—snuggly sweaters, toasty fires, holiday cheer, and pumpkin spice… everything. But the cold temps and dry air that come with this season can be brutal for your skin, hair, and nails.  You...

    • Posted 1 month ago
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  • powerful supplements
    4 Powerful Supplements for Boosting Health After 50

    We all know that a few lifestyle basics go a long way in our quest to stay healthy, vibrant and fit. The ones that top the list are a wholesome diet, regular exercise, powerful supplements, and quality...

    • Posted 2 months ago
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  • youthful appearance
    3 Keys to a Youthful Appearance for Women Over 50

    As we women age, the struggle to maintain certain aspects of our physical appearance becomes harder. Especially as women over 50 head into menopause, our hormone fluctuations continue to adjust more than just our internal thermometer. There...

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  • aging skin
    How to Take Care of Aging Skin

    If we are lucky enough, we all get to age, and that is a part of life that is just unavoidable. There are many aesthetic reasons as to why we often want to slow down or reverse...

    • Posted 3 months ago
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  • Baggy eyes
    How to Reduce Your Baggy Eyes

    Keep reading to learn how you can reduce and get rid of your under-eye bags for good. These baggy eyes make us look tired and worn out, even when we are fresh and ready to go! Before we...

    • Posted 8 months ago
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