• You Have to Change Somethings to Stay the Same
    You Have to Change Some Things In Order to Stay the Same

    My mouth dropped open as I heard chef-owner Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park Restaurant explain in a television interview why he closed his restaurant for three months to completely remodel it, gut the kitchen, re-do the...

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  • mature sad woman
    Learned Helplessness

    By Lucille Zimmerman – People without a healthy sense of self try too hard to please others. They focus on what they think will please others; so much so that they don’t live the life God designed...

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  • woman sitting on rocks
    REVisit: Recognizing Change as Essential to Fulfilling Your Destiny

    Something happens to me every time change comes to Restoring Order: I nest. This mama bird starts rearranging the nest, pitching the old feathers and sticks, and shoring up the dents. I literally start organizing and beautifying...

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  • Get Out of the Cave in 2012

    By Olga Hermans – The philosopher Plato wrote an allegory in which he compared people to prisoners chained in a cave. The only reality they knew was the tiny space of their surroundings. But if a person...

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  • How to Create what you Want through the Power of Visualization

    By Jane Morrison – Have you ever wondered how those Olympic athletes have such drive, willpower and tenacity to push their bodies to the limit of physical capabilities? It’s because they have a vision, an end in...

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  • The Twenty-Five Year (GL)Itch

    By Denise Horner Mitnick – When my husband and I were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary last January, I developed symptoms of a severe gallbladder attack. We traded the winter wonderland resort where we were renewing our...

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