• My Favorite Fall Hobby: Growing Chrysanthemums for Show Competitions

    My favorite fall hobby is growing chrysanthemums (mums) for show competitions. I start preparing for the fall by ordering rooted cutting from Kings Mums catalog or taking cuttings from my last year’s mum plants in April. However,...

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  • Why My Easter Memories Now Include Lent

    My Easter memories for the past fifteen years include memories of observing Lent. But I grew up in a church that didn’t observe Lent. I didn’t even know Lent involved fasting. Learning about Lent When my husband...

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  • Celebrating Valentine’s Day Every Day

    By Pat Stockett Johnston – How a Retired Couple Celebrates Valentine’s Day All Year Long- After being retired for several years, my husband and I realized we didn’t connect much during the day. Now our “I Love...

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Pat Stockett Johnston