• Mesothelioma
    Mesothelioma in Women

    Women are often forgotten in the conversation about mesothelioma. There’s no doubt most mesothelioma sufferers are men. Mesothelioma comes from exposure to asbestos, hence why men working in industrial and military settings make up many mesothelioma cases. Let’s...

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  • Smoking Habir
    Motivating Yourself to Drop Your Smoking Habit

    The dangers of tobacco have been established for decades and yet 6.5 Trillion cigarettes are still sold globally every year. That means 18 billion cigarettes are smoked everyday and the saddest thing of all is that most...

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  • My Role of a Lifetime: Lung Cancer Caregiver

    From the big screen to the stage, I’ve played a variety of roles over the years. But perhaps the most important role was as a caregiver to my husband, Michael. More than a dozen years ago, while...

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  • 22 Senior Health Risk Calculators for Healthy Aging

    By Jasmine Dyoco– Whether for yourself or for a loved one, these calculators are a starting point for becoming an advocate for healthy aging. Use them to assess an existing concern or even to develop effective vocabulary...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • Is Lung Cancer Different in Women Than in Men?

    By Christina Baik, MD, MPH – Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women, affecting some 70,000 women in the United States annually. Several studies suggest that women develop the disease more without tobacco...

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  • The Deaths of Kara Kennedy and Eleanor Mondale – And What You Should Know About Cancer

    By Tamekia Reece – This weekend brought tragedy for two political families. After a successful battle against lung cancer in 2003, Kara Kennedy, daughter of the late senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy, died of a heart attack on...

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