• Paychecks
    Turning Passion into Paychecks in Retirement

    Retirement is a great accomplishment! You should not feel ashamed to enjoy it fully and freely. However, some retirees find themselves going mad with idle hands. Others just want extra paychecks on top of their monthly stipend....

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  • Gift
    Give a Powerful Gift to Your Loved Ones

    My sisters and I were fortunate. My mother was a very forward-thinking individual. Years before she (and my father) died, mom started going through her closets, her paperwork, her jewelry, the items in her safe, her garden area...

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  • Oral Hygiene
    What Are the Best Methods for Improving Your Oral Hygiene?

    Taking care of your teeth isn’t just something that you should do when you are young; it is something that requires a lifetime of care and attention if you want to avoid any serious problems. It is,...

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  • Mental Illness
    The Dilemma of Women and Mental Illness

    Mental illness is running rampant in modern society, but the reason is hotly debated and clearly not understood. As more studies try to find the reason for the sudden rise in mental health among Americans, the statistics...

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  • Family therapy
    Is Family Therapy Going to Help?

    It’s tough going through serious family problems. You’re lucky if you grew up in a family where you could be open about how you felt. You discuss everything freely. However, if you can’t express how you feel,...

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  • Kitchen
    Three Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

    Many people see the kitchen as the most important room in the home. Not only do you prepare food and serve meals from this hub, but it’s also a place where the family can get together and...

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  • Faith
    The Good Wife’s Robert & Michelle King on Balancing Faith, Family, & Good Art

    Robert and Michelle King have delivered massive hits for CBS in the past, with The Good Wife and The Good Fight. Now, they’ve turned their attention to a series that explores the delicate balance between faith and science, with a...

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  • Peptides
    Potential Therapeutic Applications of Peptides

    Peptides are molecules that are created by the body. They can link together to form chains and serve numerous essential functions within the body. They can also be created in a lab. There are countless combinations of...

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  • Medicare
    5 Key Details to Know About the Cost of Medicare

    Medicare is one of the most valuable programs available to Americans over age 65. However, despite what many people think, Medicare is not free, and it does not cover 100% of medical costs. Participants are required to...

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  • Baby Products Every Grandma Needs for Their Grandchild.
    Baby Products Every Grandparent Needs

    There usually isn’t much of a need to have many baby products at your home when you’re a long-distance grandma, but there is a need when they come for a visit or your grandbaby lives nearby. For...

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  • Your genes
    Why Diets Don’t Work: Finding the Right Food Plan For Your Genes

    You are what you eat—literally. The food choices you make every day either feed your body with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals or deplete it with toxins, excess sugars and hard-to-process fats. The science of nutrigenomics—the study...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • Flowers
    Stop and Smell the Flowers

    August, in East Central Illinois, can be harsh and it’s our hottest time of the year. It’s a time for back to school and gearing up for harvest. We are a farming community and our seasons revolve...

    • Posted 8 years ago
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