• onions and garlic cloves
    Your Secret Weapon Against Colds

    By Natalia Macrynikola for Ideas That Spark Ancient Egyptians worshiped onions. They idolized the layered globe as a symbol of eternity and buried it along with their Pharaohs. And, as it turns out, they were onto something:...

    • Posted 9 years ago
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  • Mistletoe Curing Cancer? Now There’s a Great Christmas Present!

    When you think of Mistletoe, do you think of cancer? No? Well, this might change your mind! You can certainly find mistletoe in the United States, but it’s the species found in Europe that is being used...

    • Posted 10 years ago
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  • Easy End of the Summer Detox

    By Sandi Thompson- As we come to the end of the summer there are still plenty of wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables of the season, which makes it a perfect opportunity for an end of the summer...

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