• Aroma of Character
    The Aroma of Your Character

    Fall is my favorite time of year to stock up on lotions and body sprays from Bath & Body Works. I love to wear my “fall” scents all year long! I like the way they smell, and...

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  • branded in Christ
    Branded in Christ

    By Kim Chaffin – While driving home the other day, I saw a man walking toward his house with a pile of mail tucked under his arm. In his hands was an envelope he had hastily torn...

    • Posted 5 years ago
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  • what's your daily beauty regimen look like?
    What’s Your Daily Beauty Regimen Look Like?

    By Kim Chaffin – According to the world, outer beauty is most important. We are hit every day with airbrushed women in magazine ads. As young girls, we quickly learn the power that our beauty has over...

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