New Year’s ReVolution!

By on January 2, 2013

By Wendie Pett –

Are you one that starts every January 1st making “new” New Year’s Resolutions?

….Saying to yourself or those around you, “I’m going to start working out and eating healthy.” How about, “I’m going to stop spending so much money.” Or, “I’m going to quit smoking.” Maybe it’s the most common general statement used, “I’m going to lose weight!”

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While these are nice thoughts, they are not intentional resolutions.

An intentional resolution is more like a revolution! It becomes a war…a war in which proper measureable action steps are taken to win the battle. You can gain victory over any battle, including the “battle of the bulge.”


Just like any revolution, in order to win the battle one must have a plan of attack in order to defeat “the enemy.”

If you’ve ever read the book of Joshua in the Bible then you would see that the plan doesn’t always “make sense.” God instructed Joshua and his men to march around the high city walls ofJerichofor six days and on the seventhday to march around the city walls seven times. At that point they were to then shout with gusto and blast sounds from their trumpets. This would cause the city walls to crumble and tumble to the ground. The people ofJerichowould tremble in fear of what they witnessed and everyone and every living thing would be destroyed by the Israelites.

Why am I telling you about Joshua and what does this have to do with your own personal battle?

Well, God gave Joshua a plan of attack along with a promise if he followed through with the exact plans and instructions. The promise of victory! You, too, can defeat your “enemy” whether it’s weight, negative thoughts and emotions, addictions, or false beliefs. All you have to do is take action and continue to do so…even when it doesn’t make sense at the time.

Here are 3 things that you can do today to begin to win your personal revolution!

1.      Be specific in your goal and plan of attack.

For example…If you want to win victory over the “battle of the bulge,” then don’t just say the generic statement, “I want to lose weight.” Be specific…say and write down something like, “I will release 20 pounds by March 1st, 2013 at noon. I will do my Visibly Fit exercises daily and will no longer eat fast food or drink sodas.”

2.      Journal and take note of each step you take.

Journaling does not have to be intimidating. A plain notebook of any size or color will suffice. If your goal is to release weight…then you should journal what exercises you did for the day, what you ate, the water you drank and your emotions. Nothing fancy…just take note. This will allow you to stay accountable to yourself and to see a trend in your habits or lack there of.

3.      Find an accountability partner or hire a coach!

Accountability is the number one way to win victory over any battle that you may be facing! Joshua had the best accountability partner and so do you – God is our best coach! But, in addition to His instructions and guidance, hiring a coach or finding an accountability friend will take you to the next level so that you may overcome your personal war.

As you change the way in which you think, feel, and act and make intentional goals and action steps then you will succeed.

The revolution to change starts with YOU! Make 2013 your best year yet!

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WENDIE PETT is a nationally renowned fitness expert and coach, mother, TV host, speaker, author and creator of the Visibly Fitexercise program. Wendie’s Visibly Fit instructional DVDs teach wellness maximization through the balance of mind, body, and spirit while using one’s body as a gym (and saving hundreds in membership fees). To learn more, visit  


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New Year’s ReVolution!