Warning Signs for You to Get Your Thyroid Checked

By on November 21, 2014
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By Sarah Herr –

An estimated 25 million people in America suffer from thyroid problem with almost half of them not even being aware of this problem. In fact sub-optimal thyroid affects one out of five people on the planet but in most cases they are not clinically tested.

This butterfly-shaped gland in the center of your neck plays a very important role in your body. It is inter-related with different systems and its optimal functioning keeps you healthy. Untreated thyroid conditions can increase your risk to many chronic ailments. There are five tests that are used to detect thyroid clinically. They are –

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• Free T3 and Free T4

• Anti-TPO

• Anti-thyroglobulin

• Micronutrient analysis (intracellular)

• Basal Body Temperature

So how would you know whether you are developing this problem? Here we shall take a look at some of the warning signs that should make you get your thyroid checked.


Do you feel tired easily? Well this can be a symptom of hundreds of ailments in the body but it also is a sign of thyroid imbalance. While a normal human being need about 6 to 8 hours of sleep everyday there are some who constantly need 9+ hours of sleep to feel fresh again. If you are constantly in need of this much sleep it would be worth undergoing some tests for thyroid.

Weight Gain

Have you been witnessing unnatural weight gain in the recent months? It is one of the most common symptoms of imbalance in your thyroid.

Problems with Digestion

Are you suffering from constipation? Do you feel bloated or heavy on your stomach? The fact it the thyroid gland controls bowel function. So these symptoms might be a result of hypo-functioning or what is popularly known as sluggish thyroid. Also if you are having persistent diarrhea it be wise to get the above mentioned tests done.

Skin/Hair Problems

Another common symptom associated with hypothyroidism is that your hair becomes brittle, coarse and dry and this can result in severe hair loss much above the normal rate. Also you might be seeing your skin becoming coarse, thick, dry, and scaly. Also you might notice unusual loss of hair on the outer edge of the eyebrow. Severe hair loss is also associated with hyperthyroidism.

Menstrual Irregularities

Women tend to suffer from menstrual irregularities when they have an imbalance in thyroid. All your body hormones are intricately connected and hypothyroidism can lead to more frequent and more painful periods. While in case of hyperthyroidism you might experience shorter, lighter or infrequent menstruation. In some worst cases it can also lead to infertility when the condition remains undiagnosed.

Thyroid if not treated on time can reach alarming proportions and this is where you need expert advice. Be Balanced naturally aids the thyroid so it works more efficiently by balancing estrogen and cortisol levels and raising progesterone. The clinic also offers many other services including hair thinning in Lancaster, hormone balancing and weight management. They have clinics in different parts of the country and offering treatment for some of the common health ailments.

Thyroid imbalance affects one out of five people in the world. If left untreated it can lead to chronic health problems. It is important to read the warning signs and get your thyroid checked.

Sarah Herr has been writing regularly about issues related to thyroid. She also counsels clients on weight management and hormone balancing.

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Warning Signs for You to Get Your Thyroid Checked