Top 5 Things for Women to Treat Themselves to in 2020

By on December 30, 2019

Are you the type that never thinks twice about spoiling and pampering others? Are you the one who always prefers to give a gift rather than receive it? While these are beautiful and giving qualities to have, there’s also something to be said for self-care and showing that same love back to yourself. Women are especially guilty of putting themselves last, always nurturing and caring for others before they even start to think about their own needs.

So, as you enter into a fresh new year, why not make a goal to treat yourself in 2020. That doesn’t mean you have to go over the top, but splurging here and there, and indulging in a few new items is well-deserved. So here are five things you may want to pick up in 2020. 


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Update and Upgrade Your Undergarments

Your undergarments are something you probably don’t give a lot of thought to, but chances are you’ve had the same ones around for years. What that means is that they’re tired, worn, may not fit properly, and might not be very comfortable. Updating and upgrading your undergarments means you will not only feel more comfortable, but you’ll also feel more confident.

As you shop around for items, you may even want to give new styles a try, such as these underwear options. You’ll find traditional bikini-style underwear as well as briefs, boy shorts, trunks, and even boxer briefs. It’s all about comfort.

Tap Into Your Electronics Side with a New Tablet

If you haven’t yet tapped into your electronics side, let 2020 be the turning point. A great starter tech piece is a tablet. These have a pretty varied price range, tend to be quite user-friendly, and can help you with productivity, efficiency, connect you to streaming services, games, social networks, and make it easy to chat with family and friends.

Some of the more popular brands to investigate include Lenovo, Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft. It really comes down to your list of wants and needs, as well as your budget.

Turn Your Home into a Coffee Bar with an Espresso Maker

Are you always heading to the local coffee shop to get that perfectly brewed cup of coffee or espresso? If so, why not invest in a high-quality espresso maker for your own home and transform your kitchen into your own personal coffee bar. You’re bound to enjoy it, and it makes entertaining a whole lot more fun.

Sign Up for Streaming and Enjoy Endless Hours of Entertainment

Looking to spend some time relaxing in 2020? If so, then you may want to check out the various streaming services available and pick one that matches your interests. You’ll have endless hours’ worth of entertainment to enjoy.

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Enjoy Monthly Surprises with a Subscription Box Service

Maybe you like the element of surprise each month. If that’s the case then a monthly subscription box service could be perfect. You’ll find there is a huge variety of themes to choose from such as home cooking, beauty products, clothing, books, hobbies, and more, so there is bound to be one that appeals to you. LivingBetter50 recently launched our own monthly Subscription box for women over 50!

So, whether you pick just one item on the list, or all five, why not let 2020 be the year you pamper yourself.


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Top 5 Things for Women to Treat Themselves to in 2020