Top 5 Things to Do When Visiting Paris

By on February 2, 2015

By Jess Signut–

Paris is a beautiful place and known as one of the most romantic geographical regions in the world. But there are plenty of other things to do that don’t involve someone else!

Musee d’Orsay

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This beautiful and exquisitely large art museum has many types of art including ceramics, paintings, furniture and more. The Musee d’Orsay always has revolving exhibitions as well as permanent ones. Permanent ones include:

  • A Giraffe at Orsay (Sculpture display)
  • Emmaus at Orsay (Photograph display)
  • Etienne Dinet by Paul Signac (Graphic Arts)

They also sometimes have musical concerts at their facility. Many famous artists are housed here including Monet, Sisley, Renoir and Degas. Musee is also one of the largest holders of impressionist imagery in the world.

Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral

top 5 things to do when visiting paris Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the top places to visit in Paris besides the Eiffel tower. It’s beautiful gothic architecture is breathtaking and one of the most well known religious sites in the world. Visiting the Notre Dame de Paris and learning about its dark and beautiful history is one of the more fascinating things about the stone cathedral.

In the 1790’s, there was a French radical phase that left a lot of the sights of the cathedral destroyed and absolutely ruined. Then, it was majorly restored in 1845 to what it is now. At the Notre Dame de Paris, you can find the Veneration of the Crown of Thorns, the Tower Bells and you can even catch a classical music concert depending on their schedule. But don’t forget to stop and take a gander at the beautiful organs that match the gothic architecture of the cathedral and inspired the spirit of the Notre Dame de Pairs.

Catacombes de Paris
top 5 things to do when visiting paris Catacombes de Paris

Anyone who’s watched even an ounce of the history channel or Netflix knows that the catacombs are a famous attraction in Paris with a morbid history. If you’re into the more paranormal styled attractions, this one may be perfect for you. After all, who wants to spend a whole Paris trip in mushy venues with a lot of couples?

The Catacombs are apart of the institution Paris Musees and is officially named l’Ossauire Municipal. You can only visit a small portion of the underground cemetery though, while large, there are many more tunnels that are unable to be viewed by the public.

Fun facts:

  • There are 6 million Parisians “buried” in the catacombs
  • There are dozens of secret entrances hidden all around Paris



If you want to visit a site or two from this list and more, you can take an hour tour with DiscoverWalks that claim, “Give us an hour, we’ll give you Paris”. Some of the landmarks included in this lovely tour include: Notre Dame, Montmarte, Latin Guarter, Marais and more! Who wouldn’t want to see it all and more in a short time period? The best part: the Paris walking tours are FREE rain or shine! But tipping is highly suggested.

There’s even a Paris flea market you can visit as well as booking private tours, night tours, and tours every day for 24 hours a day.

Le Schmuck
Le Schmuck


While the name sounds like it would have an awful wait staff, surprisingly, the Le Schmuck restaurant exceeds in all aspects. This baroque inspired restaurant is exquisite and stunning while providing the classic Parisian dishes and cocktails. With a thriving social scene, this is definitely one restaurant you want to visit on your trip to Paris.

The chic ambience of the restaurant will have you and your girlfriends wanting to live in the restaurant. After all, what’s a vacation without food and trying out some fine cuisine that isn’t like home? It’s all about new experiences on trips abroad!


Paris is a city of love, but it’s also a city of adventure, music, art and culture. There’s life beyond the Eiffel Tower and the marriage proposals underneath it. With how many tourists and residents there are, the nightlife thrives and the day time restaurant and museum scene is elegant and will have you bragging for weeks on end when you return home.

Jess parents were travelers before she was born. Even in the womb, Jess was able to travel all over the place! And she still loves to travel and read about her adventures at her blog: Tripelio.


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Top 5 Things to Do When Visiting Paris