Things to Do While Vacationing in San Diego

By on May 4, 2020
San Diego

San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States. Featuring over 70 miles of beaches and a pristine climate, it attracts millions of visitors annually. With so much to do, it’s important to create an itinerary ahead of time and book the activities you do not want to miss. Below are some of the most popular things to consider adding to your list.

Night Life

For couples taking a weekend getaway, the nightlife provides a way to kick back and have fun. While considered a casual environment, San Diego does have many clubs and bars. Some feature rooftop seating allowing visitors to enjoy sensational views of the water and skyline. Many of these settings also include fire pits. Below the street, there are many bars featuring historical buildings. The Fluxx and Belly Up Tavern are just a few of the more popular venues. There are also several casinos in San Diego such as the Sycuan, Viejas, and the Barona Valley Ranch. 

Balboa Park

Balboa Park contains 1,200 beautifully manicured acres and is home to the San Diego Zoo. At the zoo, you’ll have access to a sky tram, shows, a 4D theater, botanical gardens, play areas, and over 3,000 animals, birds, and reptiles to view. Balboa Park also has many museums including Automotive, Air and Space, Veterans, and the Museum of Man. There’s also the Fleet and Science Museum that has over 100 interactive exhibits.

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San Diego SeaWorld

The renowned theme park contains both animals and aquatic life. There is a marine mammal park, outdoor aquarium, and daily shows. There’s also kiddie and thrill rides making it a fun-filled day for the entire family. 

Day/Night Cruises

If you love the water and want to take a break from walking, day cruises offer a wonderful way to relax and see local sites. There are brunch and dinner cruises where you listen to music, eat good food, and drink complimentary champagne. There’s also the whale watching tour, the San Diego Harbor cruise, and a deep-sea fishing tour that lasts for approximately 6 hours.


With 70 miles of beaches and a friendly climate, there are plenty of beaches to suit every need. Coronado Beach, Pacific Beach, and LaJolla Shores are very popular, attracting visitors from around the world. You can swim, fish, surf, scuba dive or take a paddleboat out and enjoy the scenery. Imperial Beach, located near the Mexican border and a popular destination for watching birds, also has a number of nature trails. 

USS Midway

The USS Midway is a retired ship of the United States Navy, and one of its largest. Now a museum, you can take a tour and learn of its rich history or try the onboard flight simulator for an added fee. Since it’s a huge attraction, purchasing tickets in advance will allow you to save time by avoiding standing in line.


There are more than 115 vineyards in San Diego. You can book private or public tours. Some are on foot, while others are conducted on tour buses and private chauffeured services. Among the top 10 are Milagro Farm, Temecula, Doffo, and Leoness Cellars. Most provide a tour of the vineyards and wine-making process with samples served. 

Food Tours

With a diverse population, San Diego food tours satisfy nearly every taste. You’ll be able to sample foods from around the world including Mexico, Asia, and Italy. Wilde Foodie, Bite San Diego, Brothels, Bites and Booze, and Tequila, Tacos and Tombstones are just a small sample of the food tours available.

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Things to Do While Vacationing in San Diego