The Over 50’s Guide to Dating

By on December 3, 2015
A guide to online dating for over 50

By Patrick Vernon –

Dating over the age of 50 can feel like an alien experience. With the dominance of online dating websites and swiping left and right to find a date you might want to simply remain single forever and instead keep cats for company – but this is how people are meeting partners now.

It’s time to ditch the many excuses you might make when considering the daunting task of taking up dating again, because finding someone new should be an exciting experience involving lots of interaction with new and varied people until you meet that someone special. Here is a quick guide to dating if you’re over the age of 50 and looking for love:

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  • Get online!

You might have a Facebook page you use every now and then but when it comes to dating these days you can’t rely on that friend of a friend who knows someone single. More and more over 50s are joining the digital dating scene and talking to new people with the same interests and perhaps the same reasons for seeking a partner. While downloading an app such as Tinder might not be the best idea there are hundreds of reputable sites out there you can sign up to that provide detailed algorithms to find you the perfect match.

  • Don’t settle

Dating can be a fun whirlwind experience which leads to you heading out in your best clothes to meet new and interesting people two or three times a week potentially, but it’s important not to allow yourself to simply settle for someone. Take some time to get to know your next potential partner before committing fully, you don’t want to leave the scene then realize you’ve made the wrong choice.

  • Understand that there will always be bad dates

But there were always bad ones when you were on the dating scene in your 20s, these things don’t change. Don’t resort to alcohol to get through a bad meet up, simply move on and cut all ties with that person afterwards.

While you might be completely honest with your profile picture, snapping a selfie and uploading it to the dating site you are using, other people might not be so honest and may share an image of them looking 10 years younger (from 10 years ago) and perhaps a little on the lighter side.

Understand that this is due to a lack of self-confidence. Don’t turn and walk out of the restaurant or meeting place if the person doesn’t look exactly like their profile picture – of course, if they’re a completely different person it’s probably a good idea to leave. Give them a chance; there was a reason you were meeting and you can’t base everything on an online photo.

  • It might take longer to meet someone special

Much like when you first started dating before your last long time relationship, dating puts you in contact with people from various walks of life, all unsure of what they want exactly. Make your intentions known straight away, especially if you’re looking for a life long partner, so no one wastes your time. People looking for the same thing are in the same boat and will appreciate the honesty.

  • Don’t look for someone just like your past spouse/partner

The opportunity to date again over the age of 50 means you can be open to someone different than you, you may find they’re a lot of fun to spend time with. Look for people outside your usual type, you might come across someone you never expected to find appealing on paper.


Patrick Vernon is a freelance writer, with experience writing for a range of magazines and websites, researching various topics in order to offer useful info and content to the public.


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The Over 50’s Guide to Dating