• City Wedding
    How to Plan a City Wedding on a Budget

    Were you struck by the love bug later in life and plan on getting married soon? Perhaps you’ve been divorced for some time, but life and maturity have helped you to find love once again? Maybe you...

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  • Romance
    Spirit-filled Stories about Dating and Romance

    “They just won’t take the initiative with romance!” wailed my niece. “If I want a date, I need to be the one to call, get the concert tickets, pick the restaurant…they’re just so passive!” My niece was...

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  • Right nutrients
    The Right Nutrients for Vitality in Menopause

    As women’s bodies change with age, so do our nutritional needs. While the right nutrients from natural sources (food, water, sunlight) are generally best, those sources may not always be enough. To be truly as healthy as...

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  • Cannabinoids
    How to Use Cannabinoids Effectively

    Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds that occur naturally in Cannabis Sativa and hemp. While there are about 483 compounds known today, researchers continue to study and investigate. They want to know which of the various compounds have...

    • Posted 7 months ago
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  • Vitamins
    The Vitamins to Add to Your Daily Routine

    In a perfect world, we would all gain an ideal vitamin and mineral intake from a healthy, balanced diet. Due to a range of different reasons, such as health conditions, busy lives, and dietary needs, it’s not...

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