• Blood sugar levels
    Managing Your Blood Sugar Levels Effectively

    Type 2 diabetes is known as a lifestyle acquired medical condition. It means that your pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin, which causes your glucose levels to increase. Nowadays, millions of people worldwide have diabetes and...

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  • 5 Surprising Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

    By Bottom Line, Inc.— It’s not news that diabetes is epidemic in the United States…and it’s not news that staying fit and eating right are key ways to minimize your risk of ever developing this dreaded—and often...

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  • Alzheimer’s Disease- Is It Really A Form of Diabetes?

    In recent years, researchers have proposed that the term ‘Alzheimer’s’ should be renamed ‘Type 3 diabetes’.  In essence, the term ‘Type 3’ is describing a diabetes of the brain. Type 3 is said to affect those who...

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  • Diabetes and Your Heart: A Life or Death Affair

    By Katie Brind’Amour – The verdict is in. Diabetes is as much of a risk factor for death from a stroke or heart attack as pre-existing cardiovascular disease. Over 9,200 women aged 68 and over are the...

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  • Saturday Pantry Suggestions

    I thought I’d answer two recent questions this Saturday. The first one is… What kind of pasta do you like and how can you eat it as a diabetic? Over the years I have learned what is...

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