• France's Finest
    Cruising and Dancing through France’s Finest

    Settling onto a velvety cushioned bench in the legendary Paris bookstore, “Shakespeare and Company”, I gazed through the quaint second-story window at the monumental reconstruction of the Notre Dame only a stone’s throw across the Seine.  I...

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  • Iceland
    Iceland is a Drama Queen – Part 2

    Iceland is not the only drama queen. Our car, Heidi the Hyundai, turned out to be the complaining sort.  As my husband, Kyle, and I drove on June 30th from the relatively warm, lush, green coast of Iceland to...

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  • Russia
    Cruising and Dancing through the Waterways of the Tsars

    Russia is a country of intrigue where misconceptions and surprises abound, and I’ve always been curious about this nation.  But honestly, the disturbing thought of a KGB operative kidnapping and persecuting me did cross my mind.  How...

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