• Dream Home
    How to Live in Your Dream Home Without Paying For It

    You want to live in a villa in Thailand? How about an gorgeous apartment in New York City? Perhaps you dream of a house in rustic Italy, or a condo by the beach in Australia. You would think...

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  • Dental Implants
    Save a Bomb on Dental Implants in Bali

    Aussies and Kiwis get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to high-quality dental work locally. Though the dentists Down Under are highly capable and qualified, they charge top dollar for their services. You might...

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  • Travel Tips
    3 Things to Consider If You’re Planning to Travel After Retirement

    Many future and current retirees see the ability to travel as one of the main advantages of retirement. It’s often the thing people look forward to most, keeping lists of all the dream destinations to visit once...

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  • Colorado Ski
    Colorado Ski Areas Are Home to More Than Skiing or Snowboarding

    For those who don’t ski or snowboard or haven’t hit the slopes in a long time, Colorado Ski Country USA member resorts are a great place for a winter vacation to enjoy the mountain environment. In addition...

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  • Retired traveling couple
    Travel Tips for Older Travelers

    Traveling is not just for the young millennials, or couples on their vacation. As older travelers you are not saddled by a lot of daily stresses that deluge the modern age and with a wealth of knowledge,...

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  • Traveling Abroad with Perimenopause
    Traveling Abroad with Perimenopause

    It can be difficult to be a woman around the age of 40; your body is preparing its transition into menopause which means, you’re dealing with perimenopause. As I’m sure you know, perimenopause lasts for years and...

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  • Discover Where Your Heart Wants to Go Next

    At AccorHotels, we believe luxury – and loyalty – is about knowing what our guests want even before they do. So we did just that, by reading their minds through a series of biometric tests.  SeekerProject.com was...

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  • A Honu Day for Me – Best Snorkeling Beaches off Kihei, Maui

    It’s a typical Maui day for a tourist like me. I drive down the hill from my condo towards my designated beach as the sun gains strength, take a walk, snorkel, and hang out for a while...

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  • Beginner’s Guide to Moving Abroad

    By Jessica Hanson— You’ve finally decided to do it. After a few months – or maybe even years – of sitting on an idea, you’ve made up your mind to change the environment and move abroad. And...

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  • 5 Best Summer Destination for Boomers
    5 Best Summer Vacation Spots For Boomers

    By Allegra Gallian– When you think of the season of adventures, summer likely comes to mind. From childhood on, summer has always been synonymous with fun, relaxation and vacations. Perhaps your family took a special trip every...

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  • Cruising and Dancing from Paris to the Swiss Alps

    By Pamela Lovegren— “Do you know English?” asked an adorable Parisian girl strolling by with her friends. Naturally, I responded “yes” and she inquired “will you please sign a form supporting the deaf?” Mesmerized by the sight...

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  • A Week with Dad in My Father’s World: The Galápagos Islands

    By Sandra Glahn—  At age 88, my husband’s father had never been to South America. So last year, he had me put together a bucket-list trip for the three of us that included Machu Picchu (Peru), Iguazu...

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