• rental proprty
    Tips for Making Your Rental Property Stand Out

    Having rental properties is a great way to invest and earn additional income, but it does not come without challenges. It’s a major investment, and you need to know what you’re doing in order to earn a...

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  • Landlord
    Being a Landlord During Retirement

    Your years in retirement are for relaxing, the time to travel, to live a life of leisure, and to do the things you previously didn’t have time to do. There are many benefits to retirement, but for...

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  • Retirement
    Preparing for Retirement

    After decades of working hard and providing for your family, it could well be time to start thinking ahead to your retirement. You could be planning for your retirement in the coming months, or perhaps you still...

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  • Investing
    3 Reasons You Should Consider Investing in Tampa Bay Real Estate

    Tampa is one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States, and it is a very large metro area. It also remains a hidden gem with lots of room for development and appreciation. Furthermore, the...

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  • Money Transfers
    Get More from Life After 50: How to Save on Money Transfers Abroad

    Living your life to the fullest is a must like many women over 50, and this will often involve sending money abroad. The problem here is that making international currency transfers can be rather expensive. If you...

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  • Travel
    New Year Travel Planning

    The new year is almost here, and that means that women over 50 like you and I are frantically planning. Planning and setting goals that we wish to achieve. Planning your travel to see distant lands or family...

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  • Visit Dubai
    Top 5 Reasons to Visit Dubai

    There has been much hype and talk in the last couple of years about all that was going on in Dubai. You can not be blamed for wanting to take in the grandeur of Dubai and experience...

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  • Sustainability
    Pioneers of Sustainability – At Home in the Mountains

    Inge Gögele, the current owner of the Dolomit Boutique Hotel, has spent her whole life in the mountains around Alta Badia. She grew up in this wonderful part of the world, overlooking the Dolomites and surrounded by...

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  • Destination Wedding
    Destination Wedding in Greece: Take Your Elopement to Rhodes

    Through the years, the Hellenic Republic has been gaining international attention due to the increasing number of couples who decided to celebrate their wedding in Crete, Santorini, and Athens. There’s no doubt that these three famous spots...

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  • 21 Travel Tips To Make You The World’s Smart Traveler

    Life is changing significantly and it has changed in many ways already. Humans are very peculiar and their qualities are also very different. People have different types of interest and traveling is one of them. Travelers are...

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