• skincare routine
    What Do the Experts Say is the Best Skincare Routine

    There is no shortage of skincare products and treatments that promise a healthy, glowing complexion. Picking the right products is important for your skin type, but the experts say that it is equally important to follow the...

    • Posted 10 months ago
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  • skincare
    7 Phases for A Skincare Regimen

    Not all of us are born knowing exactly which skincare product should be applied first. And with a dizzying amount of information (and opinions) on the Internet, it’s oftentimes overwhelming to figure out. LivingBetter50 spoke to Aroma...

    • Posted 12 months ago
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  • aging skin
    What is Contributing to Your Aging Skin?

    With age, our skin suffers natural wear-and-tear, just like the rest of our bodies. But much of what we think of as natural aging is in fact due to sun exposure and other factors. This means that...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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  • Facial Sunscreen
    Facial Sunscreen for Women Over 50

    You’ve heard the importance of wearing sunscreen, but what is the best facial sunscreen for women over 50? You may already know, but should not use your body lotion on your face. The same rule applies to...

    • Posted 1 year ago
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  • Sunscreen
    The Beach Isn’t The Only Time You Need Sunscreen

    Many people think of sunscreen only when they go to the beach. But the beach definitely isn’t the only place women over 50 need protection from the sun. Every time we’re outside while the UV Index is...

    • Posted 2 years ago
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  • Mosquito Repellent Has Become a Summer Essential

    By Pauline Okeeffe— Picnics and parties on the patio; that is what summer is all about! But first slather on sun screen and then what about all those biting bugs? What is the best way to keep them...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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  • The Truth About Your Sunscreen

    By Vanessa Voltolina for Discover and Play We are far from the days where slathering on baby oil for the perfect tan is the norm; today, many of us are touting beach hats and being vigilant about...

    • Posted 7 years ago
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  • Take Good Care of Yourself

    By Shirley Larson− Although there are some benefits to growing older and wiser, witnessing the effects of aging is not one of them. Looking in the mirror can be a bit depressing when you realize that the...

    • Posted 7 years ago
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  • photo of woman bare shoulder with hand next to face
    Menopause and Skin Cancer: Taking Care of the Skin You’re In

    By Ellen Dolgen – For many women in their teens and twenties, seeking the perfect 10 of a tan used to be a full-time job on hot summer days.  However, those of us going through menopause need...

    • Posted 8 years ago
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  • Sunscreens

    By Dr. Brandith Irwin – It’s true: Sunscreen is the most important skin care product you can use on your skin every day. The more damage you can prevent from sunlight, the better your skin will be...

    • Posted 10 years ago
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