• The Rise of Suicides Among Older Adults
    The Rise of Suicides Among Older Adults

    It’s not uncommon for news stories to be filled with tragedies, but recent stories have brought to light an alarming trend: the rise of suicides among older adults. Sadly this past week both fashion designer Kate Spade...

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  • You're story isn't over yet
    Your Story Isn’t Finished Yet

    By Rita Schulte – Sixteen months have gone by since my husband took his life one fateful day in November. Ours was the perfect love story, but somewhere along the line things went terribly wrong. My husband...

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  • writing to live
    Writing to Live

    By Lorraine Pestell– At some point in our busy lives, I expect we’ve all asked ourselves the question, “Do I Live to Work, or Work to Live?” This expression is designed to get us thinking about balance...

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  • Life In Spite of Me

    By Kristen Jane Anderson – She wanted death, but God had other plans Storehouse Media Group to bring Kristen Jane Anderson’s inspiring story to the big screen. Seattle: “Hollywood may seem too far gone to most Christians....

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  • Completely Whole: Celebrate Me-Excerpt

    By Paulette Harper – As I share with you an excerpt from Completely Whole may you realize that God is not done with you yet! Even with all the issues, issues that we constantly magnify, and we...

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