• Running Well After the Big Five-Oh

    There are masters runners who running well amazing feats. Ed Whitlock, at age 73, ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 2:54:49. Rae Baymiller came within a minute of qualifying for the Olympic trial for the marathon when...

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  • Running in the Winter
    Running in the Winter – Advice from a Boston Marathon Winner

    Many experienced runners believe winter is a better season for running outdoors than summer. After all, there’s little any of us can do about July’s heat and humidity. You can only “dress down” so much to avoid...

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  • Here are 5 easytips that will help you rise and run, and give you a super charge before you head into your work day.
    Early Morning Runs Before You Start Your Work Day

    Ever heard people brag about their early morning runs? Maybe you want to be part of this exclusive club, but you’re not a morning person. Or perhaps you simply want to have more productive mornings and get...

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  • The benefits of running on a treadmill
    Benefits of Running on a Treadmill

    One of running’s greatest attributes is how accessible it is and it is an activity for all ages. Provided you have a place to run and a will to log some mileage, you are good to go;...

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  • woman running
    A Beginner’s Guide to Running

    By Patricia Glynn for Beauty & Confidence – Now that it’s warmer out, you might be thinking about lacing up your sneakers. Running is a fantastic way to enjoy the season while conditioning your body. In fact, it’s...

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  • The Power of Two

    By Kelly McElrea – Recently, I had lunch with an old friend who also happens to work as a personal trainer. She was my first fitness trainer in Toronto and she helped me achieve great results. As...

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