• changes
    How to Handle Major Changes in Your Life

    As we walk through this journey that is called life, there are many common obstacles that are encountered. We may find that major changes in our life disrupt the flow of what we are used to and...

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  • family
    It Started with Family

    Meg Donahue and Lisa Lorimer never thought they’d start a family business in their fifties, especially after bringing home their new baby daughter, Annie. Shortly thereafter, Meg’s 80-year-old mother, Millie, was released from the hospital for hospice...

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  • turn back time
    Ways Women Over 50 Can Turn Back Time and Improve Their Health

    Time certainly takes its toll. It has an undeniable impact on how we look, and on how our bodies function and feel. From the development of fine lines and other facial creases to stiff, aching joints and...

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  • online doctor
    4 Benefits of Seeing a Doctor Online

    Going to the doctor, even for a routine checkup, can be stressful. For those who don’t want the added stress of making an appointment, going out, driving to the office, and then spending an interminable amount of...

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  • mental health
    Tips for Mental Health at Any Age

    Cognitive decline, memory issues, and a growing epidemic of loneliness, all make people in their golden years incredibly vulnerable to issues with mental health. A good portion of older people are experiencing some kind of mental health...

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  • hypertension
    Best and Worst Foods for Women Over 50 Hypertension

    Nearly half of all adults in the U.S. suffer from hypertension, or high blood pressure, and are taking medication to help combat it? Only 24% have their hypertension condition under control. Many assume that medication is the only...

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  • brain benefits
    Brain Benefits for Women Over 50 this Summer

    Summer brings longer days, which means more time to spend outdoors… soaking up that precious sunshine. While we may all know that feel-good feeling from spending time outdoors brings, there is actually more to it than you...

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  • health
    4 Things Women Can Do To Improve Their Health

    Are you a woman looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle? Many women aren’t happy with the way their bodies look and how they make lifestyle choices. If you’re wanting to be a little healthier, there...

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  • How to Maximize the Benefits of Therapy

    Getting therapy for the first time may feel daunting. Because you’re talking to someone you barely know, opening up to a therapist and talking about your problems can be difficult. You may feel some uneasiness since it...

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  • The Unexpected Key to Healthy Aging: Mitochondria

    Healthy aging extends beyond being healthy at a certain age but rather maintaining overall wellbeing throughout an entire lifetime. The reality is healthy aging is essential to enjoying a higher quality of life throughout the years. Consequently,...

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  • Planning on Walking Outside This Spring?

    Walking outside is an amazing form of exercise. Completely different from walking on a treadmill inside, walking outside provides both physical and mental health benefits. Not only does it raise our heart rate, but it also gets...

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  • rotator cuff repair
    Longer-Lasting Rotator Cuff Repair May be Possible for Women Over 50

     For sports fans, nothing beats seeing their favorite athletes compete at the top of their game. But a shoulder injury such as a badly torn rotator cuff threatens to pause or end the career of any athlete in...

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  • better health
    7 Fitness Training Tips that Women Over 50 Should Follow for Better Health

    Congratulations on your first step towards achieving better health and better shape. Life for women over 50 is not an easy period for achieving health goals. It is understandable that we are extremely anxious about all that...

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  • stress
    Stress and Your Mouth: What Women Over 50 Should Know

    For some reason, when we talk about the health impacts of stress, we tend to forget about our mouths. Our mouths are just as vulnerable to stress as the rest of our bodies. The past year has been...

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  • Depression
    Depression After Retiring: It Could Happen to You

    Are you closing in on retirement age? Are you looking forward to the day when you no longer have to worry about going to work? Do you also have concerns about what your life will entail post-retirement? With...

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  • exercising
    Cool Down and Recovery After Exercising

    When we were younger, we could get away bursts of running and exercise. There was no stiffness or aches the day after exercising like there is as we get older and over 50. Our young bodies were...

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