• How to Spot the Signs of Drug Abuse in a Loved One
    How to Spot the Signs of Drug Abuse in a Loved One

    Contrary to popular belief, drug problems are not restricted to a narrow sub-set of society. People of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds can fall victim to a life-limiting drug addiction. There is some evidence to suggest that...

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  • mental incarceration
    Mental Incarceration

    By Carol Doyel Our church women’s group is doing a study on Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. The book and study guide is intended to help people recognize the battle that goes on in our...

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  • prescription medication
    Assuring Safety & Need for Prescription Drugs and Medications

    By Dr. Catizone – Life after 50 is full of new adventures and opportunities for growth. Taking a moment to evaluate our health will help ensure that we can enjoy those new opportunities. If you or a...

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  • hands folded in prayer on Bible
    We May Have to “Face It” but God Will Not Forsake Us

    By Jeanie Waters − The longest darkest time of our lives started on 12-30-11 at the passing of our 24 year old son Zach Waters to prescription drug overdose. We have been through many things in our...

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