• Ankle
    4 Types of Low-Impact Exercises for Your Ankle This Summer

    Most of us have hurt an ankle at least once. Whether you twisted it while playing basketball or broke it stepping in a hole in your yard. The hardest part is that it limits your ability to move...

    • Posted 2 years ago
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  • Joint replacement
    Study Finds Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery Makes for Happier Patients

    A new study found that joint replacement patients who go home the day of surgery are as happy—if not happier—than those who remain in the hospital. The study, “Is Patient Satisfaction Higher with Inpatient or Same Day...

    • Posted 2 years ago
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  • Tension
    6 Tips To Reduce The Tension In Your Shoulders

    Whether you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders or not, you probably still feel like you do. People tend to carry a lot of tension around in their upper back which can cause pain...

    • Posted 2 years ago
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  • Orthopedic
    10 Common Orthopedic Conditions

    When dealing with the aches and pains of daily life it can be difficult to know what are normal discomforts and what are orthopedic conditions that you should seek treatment for. Here is a list of a...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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