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    Shopping For Dresses for Your Body Type Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

    Shopping for dresses that fit your body type does not have to be challenging, sadly some women haven’t gotten this right; they go for dresses that are not for their body types possibly in a bid to...

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  • Summer Dresses for Women Over 50
    Summer Dresses for Women Over 50

    How do you find Summer dresses for women over 50 with safe social distancing? LivingBetter50 has been searching through online stores for the perfect summer dresses. Many stores have the option of free returns, free shipping, and...

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    Making Life Easier by Minimizing the Need to Go Out

    As we get older, every little trip out to the market for groceries, or to the doctor for a regular checkup can be quite taxing, especially if the weather outside is too hot or too cold. Unfortunately,...

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  • 5 Ways to Shop Safely Online
    5 Ways to Shop Safely Online

    By Eleanor Weston− From grocery shopping to clothes and electricals, the internet is increasingly hailed not only as the most convenient place to shop, but also as the go-to marketplace to find a good deal. As online...

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