• January 3, 2018-A Lesson from the Mascara Queen

    By Sharon Jaynes— Today’s Truth But the man who looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues to do this, not forgetting what he had heard, but doing it—he will be blessed in what...

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  • How To Improve Your Health In The New Year
    How To Improve Your Health In The New Year

    Every year, most of us vow to make healthy changes that will improve our appearance, wellness and longevity. However, most of us tend to fall short of our health goals. It’s not because we’re bad or lazy....

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    The Secret to Making Your Resolutions Last All Year (Hint: There’s Cocoa Involved)

    By Keri Glassman – Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? If you have, I’m going to bet they don’t include cocoa. But maybe they should! I’ll share more on that in a minute. I’ve never...

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  • A Simple New Year’s Resolution: Fine Tune Your Attitude
    A Simple New Year’s Resolution: Fine Tune Your Attitude

    When the New Year rolls around, most people set lofty goals—to lose weight, find a better paying job, finish a languishing project, but one way to fulfill many New Year’s resolutions is to start with a simple...

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  • One Person’s Junk…

    By Sandra Glahn− If the new year has brought with it a desire to get more organized, why not dispose of items in a way that benefits others or at least has the least effect on the...

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  • Happy New Year - say goodbye to bulging waistline
    With the New Year Just Ahead – Say Goodbye to a Bulging Waistline

    By Ayo Olaniyan – So, you’ve enjoyed a few too many mince pies and Turkey sandwiches the Holiday, and now you’re battling a bulging waistline…maybe finding it difficult to fit into your favorite pair of jeans. This...

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  • my resolutions written on calendar
    Do You Believe in New Year’s Resolutions?

    By Monique Wells – The following question was posted online by one of the participants in a wealth and business mentoring group that I belong to: It’s the 6th of January. Is it too late to be...

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  • image of pretty cooking pot
    New Year’s Soup

    By Lynn Mosher – Last year, I read a post and the last sentence made me think, “And the empty pot awaits, ready for a fresh batch.” It reminded me of the story of Stone Soup. If...

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  • calendar and writing pad with resolutions
    Is Change Really Necessary for New Year’s Resolutions?

    By Gina Burgess – Okay, Okay… I know I’m late. I get depressed thinking about making New Year Resolutions. Do you? Do you look at your list six months down the road and think… ACK! I’ve failed!...

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  • Don’t Make Resolutions – Make Change

    New Year’s Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves about a future vision we wish to achieve, but much more often than not, we lack the strategy, commitment, focus, and accountability to make them a reality. An...

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