• Sugar dissolving your memory
    Can Sugar Dissolve Your Memory?

    Recent studies conclude that high glucose levels can negatively affect memory and impair cognition, sugar can indirectly dissolve memory! In fact, individuals with diabetes, a condition that causes elevated high blood sugar levels are known to have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s...

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  • Cognitive Memory
    Improved Cognitive Memory with Neuroscientist

    First-of-its-Kind Brain Health Supplement by former Mayo Clinic Neuroscientist Aims to Improve Cognitive Memory America’s newest brain health supplement may come in a small capsule, but according to scientific studies, its benefits could be huge. Sophrosyne, a first-of-its-kind breakthrough product launched...

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  • How Vitamin B12 Helps Prevents Memory Loss As You Age
    How Vitamin B12 Helps Prevent Memory Loss As You Age

    By Joy Stephenson-Laws and the pH professional health care team – Did you know vitamin B12 is critical for brain function? When you don’t have enough of this essential vitamin — found in foods such as beef, fish...

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  • 8 Foods That Can Help Boost Your Memory

    By Tamekia Reece – Think there’s nothing you can do to slow down age-related memory loss? Think again. Although there isn’t a surefire way to prevent yourself from experiencing any decline in memory, there are things you...

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  • Is Your Memory Normal Or Should You See Your Doctor?

    Two Canadian organizations are about to change the way people around the globe take action when they become concerned about their memories. And you have the opportunity to help create this next breakthrough in brain health. Cogniciti...

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  • Baby Boomers Beware – Chronic Pain Can Cause Memory Loss!

    By Kathi Casey, ERYT, CPI – June is national Perennial Garden Month and national Fruits and Veggies Month. Cool. I didn’t know that until today. I love my gardens, but I know it’s a lot of back...

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  • Train Your Brain and Body at the Same Time!

    By Alice Burron – No one can argue that physical exercise is important for the health of your body, but evidently it also keeps your brain sharp. Two new studies were presented at the 2011 Alzheimer’s Association...

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