• Immune system
    The Foods That Boost the Immune System

    As people get older and become more aware of their health, taking supplements, vitamins, and the like tends to be an option for many. In actual fact, though, your diet can have a massive effect on how...

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  • turning 50
    5 Important Pieces of Advice for Women Turning 50

    Believe it or not, you are about to turn The Big 5-0. While you have already had your share of birthday milestones—your friends still bring up your epic 30th celebration—there is something about turning 50 that seems...

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  • Slow Down Aging
    Slow Down Aging After 50

    Everyone wants to be young forever. This unfortunately is impossible. However, there are ways to slow down aging after 50. We are not speaking of time capsules, although wouldn’t that be grand? No, we are talking about...

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  • Thanksgiving
    Being on a Feeding Tube Won’t Stop My Husband From Cooking On Thanksgiving

    My husband, Steve is preparing a sumptuous holiday feast this Thanksgiving complete with succulent turkey, a tart cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes with maple syrup, and a freshly baked apple pie. His own meal will come from a...

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  • Balanced
    How to Achieve a Balanced Inner Life Past 50

    Everyone ages, and as we get older, we embrace the wisdom life experience gives us. No matter who you are, everyone gets a chance to put all that they have learned into action. If you are putting...

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