• Healthcare
    How Healthcare Management Affects Patient Care and Outcomes

    Revitalizing the quality of life is the core responsibility of the healthcare profession. The standard of treatment regimen and the safety of the patient becomes the priority of the people associated with the healthcare sector. It is...

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  • Healthcare
    The Digital Future of The Healthcare Industry

    The traditional methods of healthcare provided primary medical assistance to ease a patient’s suffering. Any doctor could help with that, and people never needed to consider visiting developed healthcare units. However, newer health problems and diseases started...

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  • Yoga Pants
    Leggings vs Yoga Pants: Which Should You Buy?

    With the rise of gym culture and athleisure, sportswear and loungewear have quickly become an essential part of many people’s everyday outfits. Whether you’re looking for a chic way to spruce up your usual gym outfits or...

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  • Good Health
    Maintaining Good Health During the Autumn/Winter

    As the summer leaves us behind and we move into the autumn/winter months, the temperatures can quickly change and before we know it, the long sunny summery days have become shorter and the darker mornings and evenings...

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  • Organized
    3 Tips to Get Organized Before the Holidays This Year

    October has come and gone, and as we barrel into November, everyone’s focus seems to have shifted to Thanksgiving and beyond. Radio stations have begun playing Christmas music; stores and shopping malls have already put out their...

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  • Read your bible
    3 Ways to Read Your Bible

    The American philosopher Mortimer Adler (d. 2001) wrote and edited scores of books, including the 60-volume Great Books of the Western World series. So no one questioned his qualifications when he wrote one of his most popular volumes,...

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  • Holiday party
    What To Wear to a Holiday Party & Tips That Will Add Sparkle!

    It’s that time of year again. The invitation has arrived for a holiday party or dinner, and the suggested dress code is ‘Festive Attire’, or dressy casual, cocktail, or smart casual. Which makes me ask: who dresses...

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  • Warning: Your Waist May Be Larger Than It Appears

    Ever look at the tiny words on your car’s side view mirror and note the warning: Objects in mirror, are closer than they appear? Something similar can be said for our waists and bottoms if you wear, on...

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